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Password…is not a good password

We live in a password-driven world. Passwords protect our finances, e-mail, computers, and even mobile devices. However, in the name of simplicity, we often choose either weak passwords or use the same passwords for every site we visit. This may be convenient, but it also opens us up to being hacked. Once a hacker has a single password, they have access to every site you visit using that same password. Above and beyond using different passwords for each site, there are a few simple rules to follow for creating a strong password:

Think strong and unique when it comes to passwords

  • Don’t use default names or passwords on your home/work internet-connected devices.

This includes routers, modems, gaming systems and other smart devices.

  • Don’t choose “password,” “12345” or your pet’s name. It is very easy for criminals to

peruse social media and find the names of people, and pets, close to you.

  • Pick a mix of letters, symbols and numbers. Think “passphrase” rather than “password” – example: I Like @pple p1e (I Like Apple Pie)

Protect your masterpiece

Now that you have the perfect password with a good mix of numbers and upper-case and lower-case letters, it’s time to protect it with these tips:

  • Don’t write your passwords down. These can be easily discovered and used. Instead:
  • Use a password manager. There are many apps that store your passwords securely. 
  • This seems obvious but don’t share your passwords. If you do, be sure to change it as soon as possible.

Remembering these simple tips will make creating and protecting passwords easy.