Media Contacts

For media inquiries about CenturyLink, please contact either national or local representatives. For questions about products or service, please contact Customer Service: 1-800-201-4099 (Residential) or 1-800-201-4102 (Business). You may also email The people listed below do not have access to customer information and cannot assist with customer inquiries. If you are a customer and not a member of the media please contact the appropriate customer service channels listed below.

Customer Service: 1-800-201-4099 (Residential) or 1-800-201-4102 (Business).
Legacy CenturyLink (formerly CenturyTel) Customer Service: 1-800-201-4099 (Residential) or 1-800-201-4102 (Business)
Legacy Qwest (formerly Qwest) Customer Service: 1-800-244-1111 (Residential) or 1-800-603-6000 (Business)

Debra Peterson
Annmarie Sartor
Frank Tutalo
Mark Molzen
Issues Management/Sustainability/Diversity
Stephanie Meisse
Linda M. Johnson
Public Policy/Federal Government News



Market   Contact Information
Colorado Brandon Yergey

Ft. Myers/South Florida Shelly Chitwood

239-335-8330 (Office)
239-707-0063 (Cell)

Tallahassee/North Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee Carmen Butler 850-599-1821 (Office)
850-322-1095 (Cell)
Apopka/Central Florida Deborah Rios-Barnes 407-553-7074 (Office)
407-473-9604 (Cell)
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia Deborah Keyser

717-245-7762 (Office)
717-386-1519 (Cell)

Kansas, Missouri, Iowa Nancy DeVinay-McNeley 515-286-5207 (Office)
515-988-1561 (Cell)
Indiana, Michigan, Ohio Pat Welch 574-372-2720 (Office)
574-253-5700 (Cell)
North Carolina Dacia Labounty

910-783-6868 (Cell)

Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Southeast Minnesota, Wisconsin Rachel Woodman

605-339-6871 (Office)
651-366-1555 (Cell)

Western, Northern and Twin Cities, Minnesota Molly Clemen

612-381-5791 (Office)
612-590-4526 (Cell)

Nevada Jason Chan 702-349-5753 (Office)
702-218-5299 (Cell)
Utah Michelle Jackson 406-696-4075  (Office/Cell)
Washington Kerry Zimmer 509-720-4441 (Office/Cell)
Oregon Rachel Montemayor 503-425-3394 (Office)
714-222-8193 (Cell)
Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas Rene DeLaricheliere

281-359-1201 (Office)
281-755-6794 (Cell)

New Mexico Brandon Yergey

Idaho, Montana and Wyoming Stephen Mosher

208-384-2012 (Office)
208-519-6858 (Cell)

Arizona Karen Parry


For other media inquiries, please send an email to