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Public Policy

CenturyLink Participates in National Supply Chain and Security Panel

Author: Melissa Brocato-Bryant, Public Policy Lead Analyst

Centurylink’s Senior National Security Director Kathryn Condello recently joined Edna Conway, Vice President and General Manager of Global Security, Risk and Compliance and Cloud for Microsoft, and USTelecom’s Senior Vice President of Cybersecurity and Innovation Robert Mayer for a panel discussion moderated by Inside Cybersecurity ‘s Chief Editor Charlie Mitchell. 

The industry subject matter experts touched upon the current environment associated with technology supply chains and pointed to the need to coordinate emerging federal rules and requirements coming from the different government agencies. They also briefed the audience on the new U.S. Department of Homeland Security “tiger team” and the ongoing efforts of the Information and Communications Technology Supply Chain Risk Management Task Force Groups working collectively on the supply chain in the global and digital economy.

Condello gave her perspective by stating, "CenturyLink’s first and foremost goal is to deliver consistent and secure connections and services to our customers globally.  With increased focus on the security of supply chains, it makes sense for us to be highly engaged in this space.  (In doing so) we hope to understand what approaches are best-in-breed, to be in a position to help inform the conversation, and to align those thoughts and practices so we can deliver our services in a risk-informed manner, not only here in the U.S., but globally.”

To listen to the full webinar, “Supply Chain Quarterly:  What’s new. What’s next,” hosted by USTelecom, click on the link.