SAVVIS Seminar Series to Demonstrate Industry’s First Virtualized IT Utility Services Delivery Platform

HERNDON, VA – March 28, 2005 – SAVVIS Communications (NASDAQ:SVVS), a leading global utility, today announced the schedule for a national Seminar Series that will examine how new technologies and services are improving IT performance while reducing waste, complexity, and costs. SAVVIS technology partners Egenera, Inkra Networks, and 3PAR Inc. will participate and describe their role in powering this comprehensive managed services portfolio.

The SAVVIS Seminar Series kicks off on April 6th in Washington, D.C. and will be attended by senior-level IT decision makers. It will examine how the rise of software and automation, combined with the fact that hardware and network components are becoming increasingly common across business, is driving a new IT delivery model. This new model seeks to deliver powerful, secured IT infrastructure as an on-demand service, rather than a complicated array of hardware boxes and network lines. Highlighting each seminar briefing is a live demonstration that follows a company as it orders, provisions and deploys a three-tiered web architecture in just 15 minutes using SAVVIS’ virtualized IT delivery services platform. In the world of conventional IT, this process could take as long as three months, and would require racks of servers, load-balancers, firewalls and considerable capital outlay.

Launched in April 2004 after more than 10 years of custom development, SAVVIS’ virtualized IT utility services platform offers businesses an integrated IT infrastructure—network, hosting, storage and compute—all on a pay-as-you-go basis. It does this by combining its advanced, automated software management and provisioning systems with a variety of new hardware virtualization technologies from companies like Egenera, Inkra Networks, and 3PAR.

The result is a global pool of server, storage, network and hosting resources that can be dynamically configured and deployed on-demand for customers as managed services in a matter of minutes, not months. It significantly lessens the burden of capital expenditures and legacy systems, enabling companies to become more flexible and agile by making it possible to add new applications, increase server and storage capacity, and expand the network in less time than conventional alternatives. Financial audits by independent analysts and real-world customer installations have shown that SAVVIS’ hardware-as-a-service model can save companies up to 50% on the annual costs of running their IT shops.

Ultimately, SAVVIS customers are removing themselves from the IT hamster wheel – the never-ending process of buying, maintaining and updating the latest hardware, without gaining any competitive advantage. SAVVIS customers pay only for the IT services they use, while SAVVIS’ management and monitoring systems continually update and maintain the technology platform.

“If you take a broad, historical perspective on hardware, you know that it always evolves into a service,” says Rob McCormick, Chairman and CEO of SAVVIS Communications. “Take the telephone answering machine. Twenty years ago, it was a piece of hardware that sat on your desk. It gave you a competitive advantage over people that didn’t have an answering machine. Today, everyone has an answering machine and having the box provides no competitive advantage. So it makes perfect sense to turn the answering machine ‘box’ into a ‘service’ that’s always on, can be easily upgraded with new technology, and carries a low monthly price. This same cycle is now occurring with servers, storage devices and networks.”

The SAVVIS Seminar Series schedule is:

• April 6 -- Washington, D.C.
• April 27 – New York (Weehawken, N.J.)
• May 3 -- Chicago
• May 4 -- Dallas
• May 11 -- Boston
• May 12 -- Miami
• May 24 -- Santa Clara, CA
• May 25 -- Los Angeles

For more information about attending a seminar in your area, send an email to

About The Technology Partners
Each of SAVVIS’ key technology partners in the virtualized services delivery platform – Egenera, Inkra Networks and 3PAR – are leaders in the core services they provide.

Egenera is the primary technology behind SAVVIS’ virtualized server and compute architectures. The Egenera® BladeFrame® system virtualizes data center infrastructure by creating a pool of server resources that are easily divided into private, secured configurations. These resource configurations can be dynamically allocated to support an application and then disbanded if necessary. Server capacity is then freed from dedication to individual applications, and services can move fluidly between different hardware or network paths. This means SAVVIS clients can pay only for the resources they use. In addition, they gain access to advanced features such as high availability, disaster recovery and real-time scalability without the expense of inflexible and over-provisioned legacy systems.

Inkra Networks’ Virtual Service Switch centralizes network, security, and performance services onto a single platform that simplifies the management and improves the operation of the network. By consolidating and virtualizing multiple functions including firewall, intrusion detection, SSL acceleration, and load balancing, the Inkra Virtual Service Switch enables SAVVIS to deploy and adapt network and security services in real time for its customers. This further boosts cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the SAVVIS platform by allowing SAVVIS to become more responsive to its customers’ needs.

3PAR InServ® Storage Server’s utility storage architecture allows customers on the SAVVIS platform to experience the benefits of simple, efficient, and scalable storage. 3PAR Utility Storage reduces the cost of storage, adds agility to the storage environment, and provides easy information sharing. SAVVIS customers have access to storage capacity as their application data is written, which saves them money and eliminates the costly upfront over-provisioning and poor capacity utilization typical of traditional storage solutions.

SAVVIS Communications (NASDAQ: SVVS) is a global IT utility services provider. With an IT services platform that extends to 47 countries, SAVVIS leads the industry in delivering secure, reliable, and scalable hosting, network, and application services. These solutions enable customers to focus on their core business while SAVVIS ensures the quality of their IT systems. SAVVIS’ strategic approach combines the use of virtualization technology, a utility services model, and automated software management and provisioning systems. For more information about SAVVIS, visit: .

Forward-Looking Statements
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