SAVVIS Responds to Growing Market Demand For Utility Storage Services

ST. LOUIS, MO — January 16, 2008 — SAVVIS, Inc. (NASDAQ: SVVS), the global leader in IT infrastructure services for business applications, today announced new Utility Storage Services that expand its ability to serve both production data and persistent data tiers of storage to meet various application requirements.

SAVVIS Utility Storage quality-of-service 4 (QoS 4) is a new managed storage service serving one of the fastest growing segments of storage – lower tier, persistent data – which typically consists of large volumes of less frequently accessed data. The new service is extremely scalable, highly available, and less expensive than other managed storage options.

The new QoS 4 service complements SAVVIS’ existing Utility Storage Services for storage area network (SAN) capacity supporting I/O-intensive applications on a multi-tenant platform for customers with colocation and/or managed compute services environments. SAVVIS Utility Storage customers benefit from the features of an enterprise-class storage array that is managed, administered and monitored by SAVVIS without having to absorb the costs of a fully dedicated array.

In addition, SAVVIS offers Utility Backup and Vaulting Services to provide scheduled backup of live business data, data encryption, restore on demand, and data vaulting to an offsite secure location. Storage Care and Backup Care solutions tailored to unique customer environments supporting customers’ storage arrays and SAN fabric round out SAVVIS’ Storage solutions.

SAVVIS also announced NAS Connect (Network Attached Storage Connect) and Utility Backup NAS as an optional add-on service to protect customers’ NAS Connect-based data.

NAS Connect provides a new option, in addition to SAVVIS SAN Connect (Storage Area Network Connect), for connecting customers to SAVVIS’ Utility Storage offering. Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a mature technology designed to provide a storage and data consolidation platform for files that can be shared between clients and servers. It is a more collaborative architecture allowing for ease of access to common shared file systems via SAVVIS global IP network.

The addition of NAS Connect satisfies SAVVIS’ Utility Storage customers’ requirements for sharing the same data among multiple servers as well as those customers with many servers requiring access to lower-cost QoS 4 storage. Utility Backup NAS provides data backup and on demand data restore utilizing technologies such as Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP).

“SAVVIS’ expansion of its Utility Storage Services portfolio and the introduction of NAS Connect respond to increasing customer requests and growing market demand identified for flexible and scalable utility storage services,” said James Whitemore, Chief Marketing Officer for SAVVIS. “Faced with considerable data growth, organizations are seeking ways to store, manage, archive and retrieve all files in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Utility Storage QoS 4 and NAS Connect provide strategic solutions for companies seeking to lower cost of ownership, reduce management, and improve productivity.”

SAVVIS, Inc. (NASDAQ: SVVS) is a global leader in IT infrastructure services for business applications. With an IT services platform spanning North America, Europe, and Asia, SAVVIS is an industry leader in delivering secure, reliable, and scalable hosting, network, and application services. These solutions enable customers to focus on their core business while SAVVIS ensures the quality of their IT systems and operations. SAVVIS’ strategic approach combines virtualization technology, a global network and multiple data centers, and automated management and provisioning systems. For more information about SAVVIS, visit:
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