Qwest Wireless Launches Popular Two-Way Text Messaging Service

DENVER, July 22, 2002 ? Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) today announced the availability of Two-Way Text Messaging in its 14-state service region. The service, which allows customers to send and receive unlimited messages for only $5.95 per month, offers a quick, simple way to keep in touch without saying a word.

Text messaging is a discreet, yet very effective way to interact for teens, young adults and business people alike. And, this customized language even transcends the differences between these groups. For example, 'B thr NLT10. CU thn' means 'Be there no later than ten. See you then', and resonates with recipients whether it comes from a boss or a parent.

Colleagues can send messages to get urgent data in the middle of a meeting, such as 'Cn u snd me the nu sls #s?' and teens can message their friends from their wireless phones to arrange a meeting spot at a noisy concert: 'Wre R U? W8 4 me @ the car', all on their existing data capable wireless phone. And for those consumers who are not yet savvy with text messaging, Qwest offers a rapid text entry method, allowing users to send a preformatted message with the touch of a button, rather than typing it out on the keypad. Examples of these canned messages include "Call me" and "Where are you?"

"Text messaging is the next wave of communications that further enhances the wireless device as an all-in-one solution," said Annette Jacobs, president of Qwest's consumer markets. "Because Qwest offers an affordable feature with unlimited messaging, this service adds great value to a customer's existing voice minute plan."

Customers with Qwest text messaging can send and receive messages up to 185 characters to and from wireless phones including to customers of other wireless providers and to personal computers. Qwest customers can also receive messages sent from Qwest's web site at www.qwestmp.com.

For more details about Qwest Two-Way Text Messaging, or other wireless products and services go to www.qwestwireless.com or call 1-800-222-3772.

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