Qwest Secures $20 Million In Carrier Sales

DENVER -- Qwest (Nasdaq: QWST) today announced $20 Million in sales to three new carrier customers. Each of the customers, including Internet and telecommunications service providers, has leased bulk services (OC3 and OC12) on Qwest Macro CapacitySM Fiber Network through multi-year contracts totaling $20 Million in revenue.

Qwest is building a network across approximately 16,000 miles in the United States, designed to deliver multimedia traffic - data, images and video - as well as voice. The Qwest high-speed broadband network will empower businesses and consumers with a new generation of multimedia, data applications. Sales to carrier organizations represent one of Qwest primary revenue channels. Qwest also sells services to business customers and consumers.

Qwest is experiencing strong demand for leased capacity on our state-of-the-art network to enable the delivery of a broad scope of voice and data services, said Greg M. Casey, senior vice president of Carrier Markets at Qwest. With bandwidth demands exceeding existing availability, Qwest is extremely well positioned to become the leading provider of network capacity for the carrier marketplace. We expect demand to increase as we move forward in the buildout of our network.

About Qwest Qwest Communications International, Inc. (Nasdaq: QWST), is a multimedia communications company building a high-capacity, fiber optic network for the 21st century. Qwest's planned domestic network will connect 125 cities, which represent approximately 80 percent of the data and voice traffic originating in the United States, upon its completion in the second quarter of 1999. Qwest is also extending its network 1,400 miles into Mexico with completion slated for late third quarter 1998. With its cutting-edge technology, Qwest will deliver high-quality voice, data and video connectivity securely and reliably to businesses, consumers and other communications service providers.

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