Qwest Investments Improve Service For Customers In New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, September 3, 2002 - Qwest Communications International, Inc. (NYSE: Q) today issued a report on its investments in New Mexico as part of the Alternative Form of Regulation (AFOR) plan approved by the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) March 8, 2001 that shows that customers and the state are benefiting from Qwest?s significant network upgrades and improved service.

"Just two years ago New Mexico was ranked as one of the least ?wired? states in the country, but, today the economic development community in this state can tout the Qwest network as a great economic development asset," said John Badal, Qwest vice president of policy and law for New Mexico.

The AFOR requires Qwest to invest a minimum of $788 million over the 5-year term of the plan, equating to $156.7 million per year. As of June 30, 2002, Qwest has invested $285.7 million.

Over the past two years, Qwest has upgraded and expanded its fiber optic transport facilities in much of its local service area. Additionally, Qwest has upgraded many of its digital switching equipment to accommodate traffic growth, and introduced new services, such as Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). Qwest?s investment in new digital switching equipment has allowed for growth in nearly every exchange served by Qwest and has enabled the location of several call centers in small towns throughout New Mexico.

The increase in the capacity of the network has aided business growth throughout the state. New Mexico had one of the highest increases in business telephone line growth in Qwest's 14-state region in the first year of the AFOR, and Qwest was able to accommodate this growth due to the extraordinary network investments.

As a part of its investment commitments, Qwest has agreed to specific levels of service quality standards. Qwest has met its commitment to reduce designed services delayed orders as well as its obligation to provision primary and regular services and designed services in every wire center in every month, its trouble report obligation in every wire center in every month, its obligation to repair out-of-service trouble in a timely manner in every month, and its commitment for repeat trouble reports in every month.

In addition to the benefits of improved customer service, Qwest?s investment will enable state government to build its New Mexico Multi-Agency Network (MAGnet) atop much of the Qwest infrastructure rather than having the state build its own network, which would have cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

MAGnet was designed to allow the State of New Mexico to consolidate all public sector communications requirements, including voice, video and data services, from multiple networks into a single network. It will provide increased broadband capacity to the state, local government, schools, and clinics in 24 communities and will enable applications such as distance-learning and telemedicine applications, while reducing administrative and maintenance costs to taxpayers.

In a recent report on the readiness of states to compete for information-based growth, the Progressive Policy Institute places New Mexico 48th in the country in the state's government office connectivity to the Internet and other data systems. "MAGnet will sharply improve our state's ranking," Badal said. "Our investment in New Mexico?s telecommunications infrastructure benefits our state's economic outlook."

Under the terms of the AFOR plan, Qwest reduced its residential rates from $16.16 to $10.66. The PRC granted Qwest approval to increase its residential rate from $10.66 to $12.25, effective September 3rd, because it has demonstrated substantial compliance with the investment commitment and achieved other service related benchmarks required by the AFOR plan.

Badal said the Qwest investments are proof that Qwest is committed to improving service in Qwest?s service area, and that real progress is being made in expanding services to rural areas.

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