Qwest Foundation Provides $100,000 Grant to Support Arizona Teachers and Innovative Use of Technology for 6th Straight Year

Who and What:  For the sixth year, the Qwest Foundation and the Arizona Technology in Education Association (AzTEA) announced that the Qwest Foundation will provide $100,000 in grants for Arizona teachers who have developed creative ways to use technology to improve student learning.

Where and When: Applicants who submit their application by October 5, 2010 will be notified during week of Nov 1st, 2010, applications received by December 3rd will be notified the week of Jan 3rd, 2011. 


Why: The purpose of the Qwest Foundation grant is to recognize Arizona K-12 public school teachers who are using technology in the project based classroom in new and innovative ways to improve student performance and to share this information so that others can do the same.


How: Applicants are asked to develop a project based lesson, detail the goals of their project, as well as identify the hardware and software needed.  Application information is available on AzTEA’s Web site at www.aztea.org. Visit the events calendar from the AzTEA.org website for upcoming webinars.


Graphics: Teachers who are awarded a Qwest Foundation grant will video a technology-based lesson using technology purchased through the grant. Lessons identified as “best practices” will be shared with all Arizona K-12 teachers and through social media channels and IDEAL’s Learning Resource Manager.



Rick Baker M.Ed., AzTEA President:

“Qwest has been extraordinarily generous in helping teachers translate their dreams into reality through this program. AzTEA’s partnership with Qwest encourages teachers to transform their professional practice to engage their students in exciting experiences through focused learning plans and powerful learning technologies. We believe it is imperative that students have access to and become fluent with digital technologies that empower, support, and provide for them opportunities to learn, capture each moment, and imagine and create their future.  We also believe that, as adults, we all have the responsibility to help our children learn to navigate their new virtual playgrounds and social spaces, just as we do in our physical world.  We are thankful that Qwest has chosen to empower Arizona’s teachers in this crucial pursuit.”


Jim Campbell, Qwest president for Arizona:

“Over the course of the last six years, Qwest has invested $600,000 to promote innovation with Arizona educators and have impacted nearly 11,000 students - more than 1,800 just in the last year right here in Arizona.  Qwest is excited, once again, to lead the pack as we continue to work with AzTEA to better equip students to compete in a technology-driven workforce through the use of innovative technology in classrooms throughout Arizona.”

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