Qwest Delivers Advanced Connectivity to Homes in South Denver Community

DENVER, April 12, 2005 - Homeowners at RidgeGate, the new urban master planned mixed-use community south of Denver, are the first in the Denver metro area to be connected to the latest in broadband technology from Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q). Qwest has installed fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) technology - a first for the company - at all homes in RidgeGate over which residents can receive high-speed data, television programming and local and long-distance telephone service.

Qwest has determined that where it makes sense for the company, such as in certain new developments where green field conditions exist, Qwest will deploy FTTH technology, which enables Qwest to be well prepared to serve customers' current and future broadband needs.

A home that is connected with Qwest fiber allows families to simultaneously run today's most bandwidth-intensive TV programming (i.e. high-definition TV) and Internet applications, including downloading music, online gaming or streaming video, and assures customers that their home connection will support tomorrow's applications effortlessly. And, since it uses a dedicated connection, homeowners won't experience a slower connection speed during peak usage times when their neighbors are online.

In addition, all homes in RidgeGate are designed to meet certain requirements to ensure the signal travels efficiently in the house. As a result, minimal upgrades to the home or home connection would be needed, if any, in order to support future technologies. In fact, RidgeGate residents won't even have to purchase a modem for their high-speed connections since modems already are built into the homes. They simply plug their computer into an Ethernet jack built into the home and they are ready to enjoy high-speed Internet access.

"Fiber-to-the-home is an extension of our efforts to deliver new broadband services and applications to customers," said Jim Vogel, vice president of sales for Qwest. "As a result, RidgeGate homeowners will have some of the most technologically advanced households in the state."

"RidgeGate made the decision from the outset to create a technology master plan with the services, applications, and content to connect the community on every level, ensuring a network that meets today's needs and has the capacity for tomorrow's," said Keith Simon, vice president and development director for RidgeGate.

RidgeGate residents receive access to a full selection of Qwest services - high-speed Internet access, TV, local, long-distance and wireless - from the first day they move into their new home, conveniently integrated on to one monthly bill from Qwest. And, homeowners at RidgeGate will automatically receive, at a reduced rate, Qwest high-speed Internet access at 1.5 megabits per second (Mbps) or they can upgrade to a higher speed service. In addition, during the home-buying process, a dedicated Qwest representative will work with each homeowner to help them select the right combination of Qwest services for their needs. These representatives also will be available to serve customers at the RidgeGate sales office as well as the Lone Tree Recreation Center, located in RidgeGate, during peak hours.

With FTTH, data speeds of up to 40Mbps per homeowner are currently possible - approximately 10 times faster than today's average broadband speeds - allowing Qwest to easily introduce new data speeds in the future to meet RidgeGate residents' bandwidth needs as they evolve.

RidgeGate residents also have access to Qwest Choice TV - an all-digital service with more than 200 channels, HDTV programming and digital video recorders. Qwest Choice TV delivers sharper picture quality and state-of-the-art sound because there is little to no signal degradation with a fiber connection.

Potential home buyers who are interested in learning more about the Qwest services available at RidgeGate can call 303-257-0866.

About RidgeGate
RidgeGate is a mixed-use, master-planned community located in Lone Tree that's slated to grow to approximately 12,000 homes within the next 50 years, providing residents with hip urban living. "New urbanism" takes the best of city, suburban and country living and creates a community in which residents can live, work and play. The development will integrate parks, trails and open spaces with its compact mixed-use development where residents can walk to restaurants, shops and civic and office buildings. And, a state-of-the-art fiber optic system, provided by Qwest, wires every home with high-speed Internet, video and voice options.

About Qwest
Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) is a leading provider of voice, video and data services. With more than 40,000 employees, Qwest is committed to the "Spirit of Service" and providing world-class services that exceed customers' expectations for quality, value and reliability. For more information, please visit the Qwest Web site at www.qwest.com.

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