Qwest Communications Holds Annual Shareholder Meeting

DENVER, May 13, 2009 — Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) today announced preliminary voting results following its annual shareholders’ meeting at the Denver Center for Performing Arts Complex. At the meeting, shareholders elected 12 directors – Edward A. Mueller, Linda G. Alvarado, Charles L. Biggs, K. Dane Brooksher, Peter S. Hellman, R. David Hoover, Patrick J. Martin, Caroline Matthews, Wayne W. Murdy, Jan L. Murley, James A. Unruh, and Anthony Welters – to serve until the 2010 annual meeting.

Shareholders approved the ratification of KPMG LLP as the company’s independent auditor for 2009, with approximately 98 percent voting in favor. In addition, a management proposal to approve a policy relating to severance agreements with executives passed with approximately 97 percent of shareholders voting in favor of the proposal.

The preliminary results of the four shareholder proposals are as follows (all percentages are approximate):

  • A proposal urging our Board to adopt a policy to seek stockholder approval of any extraordinary benefits for senior executives under nonqualified supplemental executive retirement plans was rejected with 70 percent voting against, 23 voting in favor and 7 percent abstaining.
  • A proposal urging our Board to adopt a policy that stockholders have the opportunity at each annual meeting to vote on an advisory resolution proposed by management to approve certain compensation of our executives was rejected with 58 percent voting against, 31 voting in favor and 11 percent abstaining.
  • A proposal requesting that our Board amend our bylaws to allow 10 percent or greater stockholders to call special meetings was rejected with 52 percent voting against, 47 voting in favor and 1 percent abstaining.
  • A proposal requesting that our Board initiate the process of reincorporating Qwest in North Dakota and electing to subject us to North Dakota’s publicly traded corporations law was rejected with 97 percent voting against and 3 percent voting in favor.
Qwest will report the final vote counts in the company's second quarter 2009 Form 10-Q filing.

About Qwest

Customers coast to coast turn to Qwest's industry-leading national fiber-optic network and world-class customer service to meet their communications and entertainment needs. For residential customers, Qwest offers  a new generation of fiber-optic Internet service, high-speed internet solutions, as well as home phoneVerizon Wireless, and DIRECTV® services.  Qwest is also the choice of 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies, offering a full suite of network, data and voice services for small businesses, large businesses, government agencies and wholesale customers. Additionally, Qwest participates in Networx, the largest communications services contract in the world, and is recognized as a leader in the network services market by a leading technology industry analyst firm.
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