Qwest Awards $5,000 To The Washington Pavilion's Reading Adventure Camp

SIOUX FALLS, S.D., June 19, 2007 – The Qwest Foundation today announced a $5,000 grant to the Washington Pavilion’s Reading Adventure Camp. The Reading Adventure Camp is a collaborative program between the Washington Pavilion and the Sioux Falls School District. The reading program, designed for kindergarten through fifth grade students, provides children with an interactive opportunity to make a daily text-to-world connection through visual arts,performing arts and science while simultaneously preventing summer reading loss.

"The Washington Pavilion’s Reading Adventure Camp is a creative program that
helps youngsters maintain their reading skills between school years," said Larry
Toll, Qwest president for South Dakota. "This grant provides a unique opportunity
for Qwest to make a difference in the lives of South Dakota students."
“We are very thankful to receive the grant money from the Qwest Foundation to
help fund the Reading Adventure Camp,” said Chris Rossing, director of the
Kirby Science Discovery Center at the Washington Pavilion. “Thanks to Qwest,
we’ll be closer to our goal of offering our services to students in a productive
manner that will keep them at the same developmental level as their middle- and
upper-classmen peers.”
The grant money will be used for teachers and supplies for the summer session
of 2007. The program is free to families who qualify - as many as 432 students
from eight school sites encompassing 44 different languages can enroll.

About the Qwest Foundation:

The Qwest Foundation’s core principle is that investing in people andcommunities provides lasting value for the future. The Qwest Foundation awards grants to community-based programs that generate high-impact and measurable results, focusing on K through grade 12 education and economic development.

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