Qwest Announces $30 Million Contract with Exxon to Become Exclusive Provider of TigerTalk Prepaid Phone Cards

DENVER, October 1, 1998 ? Qwest today announced it has signed a $30 million multi-year contract with Exxon Company, USA to provide specially-branded TigerTalk Prepaid Phone Cards to Exxon?s 500 company-operated retail stores and to more than 8,000 independent distributor and dealer operated locations.

"Prepaid phone cards are becoming an increasingly popular option for today?s communications needs," said John Taylor, senior vice president of consumer markets for Qwest. "Our relationship with Exxon clearly illustrates Qwest?s intentions to identify and leverage creative distribution channels that will help expand the company?s reach in the prepaid marketplace. Exxon?s nationwide network of retail outlets makes it convenient for consumers to purchase the cards while buying their gas and other convenience items."

The new TigerTalk cards, along with other Qwest prepaid products such as the Global Say(sm) international phone card, will be made available to over 8,500 Exxon-branded locations beginning in November.

Exxon customers who purchase the new TigerTalk cards can realize savings of up to 35 percent over the former product offered by Exxon, because of Qwest?s competitive flat rates and six-second rounding. Qwest?s call length is calculated in six-second increments after the first minute, unlike most competitors? phone cards, which round up to the next full minute. Consumers can call Canada for the same rate as in the United States.

The TigerTalk Cards will be available in four new denominations: 30, 60, 120 and 240 minutes, which reflect consumers? preference of increments. Calls made with the TigerTalk and Global Say Prepaid Phone Cards will be carried over Qwest?s Macro Capacity Fiber network.

When the calling time on the card has been depleted, customers may recharge their cards at the point of purchase, or by calling a 24-hour customer service line. In addition, Qwest will maintain a dedicated merchant services toll-free number for Exxon retailers.

The TigerTalk card will be supported by custom Point-Of-Sale display materials that will stand out as customers make their purchase decisions.

Similar in size and shape to a credit card, prepaid calling cards function essentially like a traditional calling card, except they are pre-programmed with a fixed number of long-distance units ? either minutes or dollars ? that can be used to place domestic and international calls from any touch-tone phone. Prepaid cards, however, offer exceptional value and may be a very cost-effective option for customers.

For more information on Qwest prepaid calling services, call 1-800-662-7116.

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Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Exxon, USA is the domestic oil and gas operating division of Exxon Corporation, located in Irving, Texas.

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