Qwest and Northrop Grumman Team to provide Data Network Solution to Airline and Distribution Industries

DENVER, CO and BURLINGTON, ONTARIO, September 10, 1998 - Qwest Communications and Northrop Grumman-Canada, Ltd., have signed an agreement to assist airline carriers and global distribution companies in significantly reducing thets. In addition, the two companies announced that Frontier Airlines has been secured as the first customer of the Qwest/Northrop Grumman communications network solution.

By using the Qwest Macro CapacitySM Fiber Network, migrating legacy data networks to an Internet Protocol (IP)-based solution, and by carrying data and voice over the same network connection, the companies will be able to offer customers end-to-end network solutions.

"The air travel industry is a $300 billion market, and due to competitive pressures and the cost savings and performance enhancements of moving to an integrated data and voice over IP network, airlines and Global Distribution Systems (GDS) can't afford to wait," said Lew Wilks, president of Business Markets for Qwest. "Combining Qwest's Macro Capacity Fiber Network and Northrop Grumman's networking equipment offers our customers a clear, competitive advantage."

As part of the marketing alliance, Qwest and Northrop Grumman will offer customers:

  • A broad range of transmission and managed network services, including integrated data and voice over IP; Internet/Intranet solutions; frame relay and ATM access; remote LAN access/dial-up services; network design and consultation; installation, maintenance and 7x24 Network Control Center;
  • End-to-end IP connectivity solutions based upon a single network management system;
  • Mixed protocol support (voice, ALC, SDLC, TCP/IP, etc.) on a common backbone, thereby simplifying network infrastructure and cost;
  • An IP network infrastructure based entirely on open standards;
  • A fully secure enterprise wide network;
  • The ability to maintain an existing investment in legacy equipment and mainframe applications, while moving to IP; and
  • The capability to deliver customized network solutions.

"Northrop Grumman is well versed when it comes to network connectivity within the air travel industry. The alliance of Qwest with Northrop Grumman provides an exciting alternative for our customers," said John Murray, general manager of Northrop Grumman-Canada, Ltd.

Frontier Airlines' President Sam Addoms said, "Frontier provides a high quality product for value-conscious consumers and we seek business partners who operate under similar principles. With this in mind, we are extremely pleased with the technologically advanced, low cost service being provided to us byt;

Interested customers can call the alliance's hot line at 1-888-288-9926 in the U.S.A. and Canada, or at 1-905-333-6032 internationally.

This release may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. These statements may differ materially from actual future events or results. Readers are referred to the documents filed by Qwest with the SEC, specifically the most recent reports on Form 10-Q, which identify important risk factors that could cause actual results to differ from those contained in the forward-looking statements, including potential fluctuations in quarterly results, dependence on new product development, rapid technological and market change, failure to complete the network on schedule, volatility of stock price, financial risk management and future growth subject to risks.

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