Parents Gain Insight to Better Communicate With Their Teenagers Through "Qwest Teen Talk"

DENVER, November 6, 2003 ? A recent national survey commissioned by Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) revealed that while 62 percent of parents and teenagers spend more than an hour talking every day, less than half are discussing the difficult issues that affect teenagers.

To provide a convenient tool for parents, Qwest collaborated with Dr. Anthony E. Wolf, a practicing clinical psychologist and accomplished author of parenting guides, to develop ?Qwest Teen Talk.? The program provides parents with information on how to facilitate good communication with their teenagers. The complimentary resources include a booklet on teen-parent communication as well as Dr. Wolf?s best-selling book on parenting practices entitled, ?Get Out of My Life, But First Could You Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall??

Additional findings from the survey include:

  • Nearly 50 percent of teenagers choose not to talk to their parents about the tougher issues they face for fear their parents will be angry or disappointed in them.
  • Teenagers felt that their parents are not knowledgeable enough about the problems they face on a daily basis and, therefore, they prefer to confide in other people, such as friends.

?While we all wish kids came with an instruction manual, unfortunately, that?s not the case, and it?s up to us as parents to learn how to best communicate with our teenagers to ensure a strong, healthy and trusting relationship,? said Dr. Wolf. ?The ?Qwest Teen Talk? program we?ve developed is a resource parents can use to better communicate with their teenagers, helping to improve and strengthen their relationship with one another.?

Since today?s families are busier than ever before, finding ways to stay in touch with each other while apart has become increasingly important, and the preferred way to do so is via the telephone or cellular phone. In fact, while parents and teenagers are on the go, more than 80 percent of them said they use the telephone to talk, while 30 percent choose their cell phones to stay connected.

?We all know that communication is an integral, but challenging part of life, and as parents we all place a priority on communicating with our children,? said Paula Kruger, executive vice president of Qwest consumer markets. ?Qwest is proud to provide a resource that helps parents make a better connection with their teenagers.?

Qwest is offering the ?Qwest Teen Talk? resources free of charge to parents, while quantities last. To request the materials, consumers may call 1-866-744-5444.

Footage of teenagers discussing teen-parent communication will be available at 7 a.m. Eastern time on November 6th: Members of the media, click here to obtain broadcast-standard video digitally, by tape or satellite via the APTN Global Video Wire.

About Dr. Anthony Wolf

Dr. Wolf has worked with children, adolescents and parents for more than 30 years, helping them to better understand each other and themselves. He has authored six best-selling books on how to communicate with children/teenagers most effectively and frequently lectures nationally to parents and professional organizations on parenting issues.

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