Netscape and Qwest Unveil Plans for Next-Generation Internet Communications

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and DENVER, Co. (September 17, 1998) - Netscape Communications Corporation (NASDAQ:NSCP) and Qwest Communications International Inc. (NASDAQ:QWST) today announced a three-year strategic alliance to offer consumers one-stop access to a suite of easy-to-use leading communications services, available through the Netscape Netcenter portal site. The multifaceted agreement combines Qwest?s technologically advanced, high-capacity fiber network and communications services with Netscape?s leading Netcenter services, browser software and server software to create one of the most compelling services for consumers around the world.

In addition, Netscape will utilize Qwest?s nationwide Macro Capacitysm Fiber Network to enhance the performance and bandwidth of its Netscape Netcenter Web site ? one of the largest on the Internet ? by directly connecting to the Qwest network at speeds up to 622 megabits per second. Qwest?s advanced fiber connectivity will make Netcenter one of the best equipped Web sites on the Internet to handle the increased traffic expected with this wide range of new communication services. The companies also executed a reseller agreement that allows Qwest?s commercial sales division to offer Netscape software applications to its business customers.

Netscape will create a single service on Netcenter called ?Netscape Contactsm? where consumers can manage all of their telephone and Internet communications. Netscape Contact will be available through Netcenter and will be integrated with Netscape?s browser software. The agreement represents one of the most comprehensive partnerings yet between an Internet portal site and a communications company and will provide consumers with new and dramatically easier and email in a single inbox will be available from Netscape Contact which will serve as the ?home base? for a customer?s ongoing communications needs.

"Netscape and Qwest share the same vision and will create a one-stop integrated service that puts control into the hands of customers to manage all of their communications," said Jim Barksdale, president and chief executive officer at Netscape. "Our goal in combining the strengths of Netscape?s Internet software and Netcenter services with Qwest?s leading multimedia services and sophisticated fiber optic network is to provide consumers around the world with easy access to advanced, reliable and affordable global communications."

"Through the powerful combination of Netscape and Qwest - two innovatnsumers now have a new, creative choice for traditional and leading-edge communications services via the Web," said Joseph P. Nacchio, president and chief executive officer at Qwest Communications. "Millions of people all over the world visit Netscape's Web site everyday, and with one of the most popular destinations on the Internet, Qwest has a unique opportunity to offer customers an all-in-one communications solution that is convenient and simple to use."

The agreement is expected to provide Netscape and Qwest with significant customer acquisition and revenue sharing opportunities. For Netscape, the agreement furthers Netscape?s strategy of providing the best information and services for both consumer and business users through its Netcenter portal site. For Qwest, the agreement will showcase the strength of Qwest?s leading communications services and Macro Capacity Fiber Network to the millions of Internet users who visit Netcenter each day.

By the end of September, consumers can begin using some of the services offered by Qwest and Netscape. Users can access ?Netscape Contact? by pointing their browsers to Netcenter at Among the services that will be available over the next several months are:

Access Card and Long Distance Services

  • Netscape and Qwest will offer a special, co-branded "Access Card" that provides customers with a self-service account to manage their billing, access services and make calling card calls away from home. This single card and access code provides customers with a key to unlocking the number of communications services on Netscape Contact. Customers will be able to sign up for these communications services easily via Netcenter and use the "Access Card" to manage their accounts online. The account management capability will allow users to view their call detail; view their account status; sign up for calling plans and promotions; and settle their balances via electronic bill payment.
  • Netcenter members will have access to Qwest?s long distance services allowing phone-to-phone calls from anywhere in the United States. Beginning today, Netscape and Qwest will offer two programs for users. The first plan, designed for individuals, offers long distance rates at nine cents per minute any time, day or night. Unlike plans that charge by the minute, Qwest?s Exact Billing technology charges only for the number of seconds a customer spends actually engaged in a call. The second calling plan is designed for frequent users with a heavier demand for phone services. Under this plan, residential customers pay only 5 cents a minute with a $14.95 monthly fee. Customers that sign up on Netcenter today also enjoy a promotion where they will receive 330 minutes at one cent a minute. This includes 240 minutes of holiday calling, 30 minutes of calling card services and 60 minutes of Home 800 services.


Netcenter Address Book

  • At the heart of Netscape Contact, the Netcenter Address Book will help consumers stay organized by enabling them to manage their personal and business contact information in one convenient place that can be accessed from any computer. This integral communications tool will leverage Netscape Contact to allow users to send email, voice mail and fax with a click of a button. It will also be integrated with Netscape Communicator and Netcenter services such as WebMail, My Netscape, Member Directory and White and Yellow Pages.

Netscape Netcenter Online by Qwest

  • The first co-branded version of Netscape Netcenter will bundle Internet access provided by Qwest with Netscape Netcenter content and services. Netscape Netcenter Online by Qwest will offer easy-to-use and competitively priced Internet access as well as a customized version of Netscape Communicator.

Advanced Communications Services

  • Netscape and Qwest will offer services such as a "Call Center", which will enable customers to initiate and manage two-party or multi-party phone-to-phone conference calls from a Web browser; and "Send Fax" which will allow users to send faxes via Netcenter without a fax machine. From a Web page, a user will be able to type a message into a form and/or attach a file and then enter the fax number. When the user hits a submit button, the fax is routed automatically. A special fax menu item will be added to Netscape Communicator in the next major version of the client software.

Unified Messaging

  • This service will enable users to access their voicemail, email and faxes through a one-stop unified inbox from anywhere in the world. People who checmail each day will be able to take advantage of this simplified approach through Netcenter. For example, those that prefer to receive their messages through email, can receive voicemails and faxes through the same easy, user interface. Likewise, customers who prefer a telephone will be able to get their voicemails, emails and faxes over the phone.

The first Netscape Contact services, are scheduled to be available by the end of the month, include the long distance offerings, the first version of the Netcenter Address Book and existing Netcenter communication services. Netcenter will be enhanced continuously over the next several months with additional services created through the Netscape and Qwest strategic alliance. In addition to the services provided by Qwest, the Netscape Contact will provide easy access to existing Netcenter communications services including Netscape WebMail, Netcenter Member Directory, Instant Messenger, White and Yellow Pages and Professional Connections.

Additional information on Netscape Communications Corporation is available on the Internet at by sending email to or by calling 650/937-2555 (corporations) or 650/937-3777 (individuals).

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