KPNQwest Connects First DSL Customers in Germany ahead of Schedule

  • First trial customers connected in May one month ahead of schedule
  • 23 central offices equipped in Dusseldorf reaching 93% of business market
  • "Always on" high-speed Internet access opens the world of e-commerce to SMEs
  • Plan to migrate from ADSL to next generation technologies such as VDSL

Denver, June 15, 2000 — KPNQwest, the leading pan-European Internet data communications operator, announced today that it has delivered its high-speed broadband Internet access solution to customers in Dusseldorf, Germany, one month ahead of schedule. KPNQwest has installed Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) equipment in 23 central offices in Dusseldorf, reaching 93% of the business market.

Trial customers have achieved access speeds of up to 7.5 Mbit/s, more than 130 times faster than current dial-up Internet access speeds and more than 50 times faster than ISDN connections. This significantly enhances the ability of small and medium sized enterprises to fully exploit the broadband-enabled e-commerce market.

In addition, a number of large German Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have already entered into commitments as distribution partners of KPNQwest's DSL service. This reinforces KPNQwest's commitment to deliver high-speed Internet access to businesses in Germany in the shortest possible time and at prices that will make e-commerce an affordable and commercially viable solution for German businesses.

ISPs will be able to deliver their customers unprecedented amounts of bandwidth at highly competitive rates. KPNQwest is the only pan-European data communications operator introducing DSL services in Germany, with aggressive deployment plans for the remaining European markets. KPNQwest is also deploying services in Finland and has commenced rollout in Sweden. The company has also signed a Letter of Intent with France Telecom for a French DSL trial and is negotiating with other incumbent operators across Europe. Other countries will follow as governments implement and enforce the deregulation of local access networks, opening up the local loop or metropolitan copper wire network to competition.

KPNQwest will offer the fastest speeds available over a copper pair, employing primarily Asymmetric DSL (ADSL), before migrating to next generation technologies, such as VDSL (Very High Speed DSL), as it becomes available. The key advantage to companies, especially small and medium sized enterprises, branch offices of larger organizations and home-based businesses is that KPNQwest's DSL enables a wide range of IP-based value added services, including real time streaming media, multimedia applications, interactive video and hosted applications. These broadband services, previously unavailable to the mass market, will revolutionize business processes.

In addition, KPNQwest is the only IP operator in Europe that can combine and leverage its present DSL offerings with its fiber optic EuroRings™ network and pan-European CyberCentres™. This unique combination offers unrivalled broadband Internet connectivity, superior web and application hosting, tier one transit, free peering and macro-capacity broadband bandwidth to accelerate the full migration of European businesses into the Internet-enabled economy.

"KPNQwest will establish the largest pan-European DSL footprint, becoming the first IP operator in Europe to significantly expand its service offering in broadband access to major European cities," said Paul van Doorn, Managing Director for DSL at KPNQwest. "For KPNQwest, DSL is more than an access technology. It is the key enabler behind the successful introduction of value-added broadband services for SMEs, branch offices and home-based businesses. DSL is the ticket to the New Economy"

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