KPNQwest Acquires Leading Italian Business ISP, COMM2000

  • COMM2000: Market-Leading Independent Business ISP with 4000 Customer Accounts
  • KPNQwest Extends Internet Footprint into Italy to Complement Pan-European Network
  • Acquisition Leverages KPNQwest's Italian Fiber-Optic and Web-Hosting Assets

Denver, April 18, 2000 – Qwest Communications International, Inc. (NYSE: Q) today announced that its joint venture, KPNQwest, the leading pan-European data communications company, plans to acquire one of the top independent business-to-business Italian ISPs, COMM2000. The integration of COMM2000 into KPNQwest’s existing network of 14 business ISPs across Europe represents a key development in KPNQwest Internet assets – and a significant new presence for KPNQwest in the dynamic Italian market.

The acquisition anticipates the completion of two major network construction milestones: the construction of the Southern Ring of KPNQwest's macro-capacity fiber-optic EuroRings network linking Milan and Turin into a 11,800 mile pan-European high-speed backbone; and the building of a 10,000 square foot CyberCenter in Milan, which will deliver massive hosting and e-commerce service opportunities for Italian businesses. The Southern Ring is due for completion by the end of the third quarter 2000 and the Milan CyberCenter by the end of the year.

COMM2000 was founded in 1985 as a business communications services company by Edoardo Fiorentino. With the advent of the Internet, the company began offering unified messaging, web-hosting, telehousing, connectivity, and web software development services. COMM2000 has a staff of 50 in its Milan headquarters and a customer base of 4,000 accounts, currently focused on the tourism, transport, finance and publishing sectors. Most importantly, Edoardo Fiorentino and Marco Fiorentino have joined the KPNQwest leadership team and will assume overall responsibility for KPNQwest Italy.

Commenting on the deal, KPNQwest CEO and President Jack McMaster said: "COMM2000 brings KPNQwest a strong foothold in the fast-growing Italian market, an impressive customer base and a team of highly experienced Internet professionals. The incorporation of COMM2000 into the KPNQwest family heralds fantastic opportunities for growth in the Italian market and I am especially pleased to welcome the professional staff of COMM2000 into the KPNQwest family. I believe that COMM2000 combined with our fiber-optic and CyberCenter assets in Italy will bring a ground-breaking solution to Italian businesses eager to benefit from the Internet revolution."

Managing Director of COMM2000 Marco Fiorentino said: "By becoming part of KPNQwest, we are bringing our customers the opportunity to capitalize on the best European fiber-optic network and Internet solutions base, not to mention the connectivity over to the US and other North American markets. We are also bringing our employees the chance of becoming an integral part of an international company with valuable assets, that is shaping the way business is done in Europe."

About KPNQwest
KPNQwest (NASDAQ & ASE: KQIP) is a leading facilities-based, pan-European provider of data-centric services based on Internet Protocol (IP). It is deploying a technologically advanced 11,800 mile fiber-optic network connecting 46 cities throughout Europe and provides a full portfolio of data-centric IP-based services and other advanced telecommunications services, including a pan-European Digital Subscriber Line service. KPNQwest is the one of the largest business ISPs in Europe with operations in 14 countries. KPNQwest has twelve CyberCenters&153; and has announced plans to build a further eighteen 10,000m2 CyberCenters across Europe, on its high-capacity fiber-optic network to provide web-hosting, application sharing and telehousing services. Website:

About COMM2000
COMM2000 is the market leading independent business-to-business ISP in Italy. It offers a complete suite of integrated services, including, Internet and Intranet connectivity, Hosting, Telehousing Unified Messaging and Web solutions development.The company’s access network extends to 150 Italian citites and supports PSTN, ISDN and leased line access. In October 1999 COMM2000 was the first Italian private operator to announce ADSL based access services in major Italian cities. COMM2000 is also a leading provider of IP based Unified Messaging outsourced services: all COMM2000 Internet customers can manage fax and SMS traffic trough their standard e-mail clients without investing in any additional hardware or software. COMM2000 operates nationwide with a staff of approximately 100, of which 50 in the Milano Headquarters. Website:

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