EMBARQ® Managed Security Services Provides Businesses with Convenient and Effective 24-Hour IT Security

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., October 22, 2008 – EMBARQ® Business today announced the addition of Managed Security Services to its Professional Services product portfolio. EMBARQ® Managed Security Services, offered in conjunction with TeKSecure Labs®, a division of Tekmark® Global Solutions, LLC, and a proven industry leader in security and data network assessments, provides a dynamic suite of services to help ensure that businesses are well-protected in the ever-increasingly complex world of corporate IT security.

IT security threats are an ever-present danger to the bottom line of today’s businesses. If not properly protected, these threats may result in fines, lawsuits, and the loss of productivity and customers. More and more businesses are realizing the value of investing in a managed service for their IT security needs, which is a more cost-effective and comprehensive approach than developing and maintaining IT security in-house.

EMBARQ® Managed Security Services provides 24-hour monitoring and management of network security devices to help ensure the ongoing security of a company’s network. This suite of security products is designed to provide businesses with the highest level of security and privacy. In addition to providing protection from security threats, the solution will help companies meet regulatory privacy requirements and effectively manage the new risks presented by e-business opportunities.

“Companies are continuously seeking the latest in IT security to protect their businesses and EMBARQ® Managed Security Services offers a complete suite of convenient and effective solutions to help ensure the safety of their IT networks,” said Susan Sarna, vice president of marketing and product development for EMBARQ® Business. “With industry leader TeKSecure Labs® providing the backbone of our Managed Security Services, our customers will gain the assurance that their IT networks are protected, allowing them to focus on their core business.”

In addition to significantly reducing the total cost of ownership versus an in-house solution, EMBARQ® Managed Security Services can help reduce the risk of security incidents, allowing internal IT staff to focus on more strategic projects, and improve productivity. The solution is managed by certified security experts who are trained on the latest threats and techniques, and offers the latest software, patches, configuration support and Return Material Authorization (RMA) support. In addition, the solution offers a Web-based portal for robust reporting, ticketing and change requests.

“The services enable large and small enterprises alike to meet the increasing security challenges they face today,” said Guy DelGrande, president of Tekmark® Global Solutions, LLC. “TeKSecure Labs® is pleased to help EMBARQ deliver such comprehensive security solutions to its customers.”

This dynamic suite of security services offers two levels of service: Monitoring and Alerting, which provides continuous monitoring and notification of security events, and Comprehensive, which offers advanced event monitoring and resolution support.

The Monitoring and Alerting level of service provides business customers with the following security features: 
- 24/7/365 device monitoring
- Notification of security events via phone, email or both
- Around the clock customer phone support
- Automated Help Desk Support
- Web-based reporting and statistics

The Comprehensive level of service provides businesses with the features of the Monitoring and Alerting level of service, as well as the following: 
- Advanced event monitoring
- Problem resolution, call support 
- Device provisioning, configuration and implementation support
- RMA support
- Firmware patches and upgrades support
- Security event logging 
- Reporting and metrics on network health and recommendations for preventing outages

To augment the Managed Security Services, EMBARQ® Business also has teamed up with TeKSecure Labs® to offer businesses a variety of Security Assessment Services. These services evaluate a company’s security posture to support their security initiatives and to help them meet regulatory requirements. A few examples of these assessment services include network, host, policy and procedures, and wireless security services, which are conducted by certified staff experienced in security audit and evaluations. These solutions not only identify vulnerabilities and gaps in the customer’s environment, but identify remediation actions to improve the customer’s security posture.

EMBARQ® Managed Security Services and Security Assessment Services are competitively priced and ideal for businesses with 20 to 1,000 or more employees. For more information, contact EMBARQ at (866) 380-9990 or visit our Web site at embarq.com/business.

About TeKSecure Labs
TeKSecure Labs, the network security division of Tekmark Global Solutions, is a market leader in providing managed security solutions for businesses of all sizes and types. TeKSecure Labs provides comprehensive network security, integrated managed services, and a portfolio of technology risk management solutions through a suite of products and services designed to ensure the highest level of network security for mission critical applications.

For more information, visit www.teksecurelabs.com.

Tekmark Global Solutions, LLC provides information technology, telecom services, and business solutions to a broad range of Fortune 100® and Fortune 500® companies worldwide. Tekmark’s client list is comprised of top companies in the telecommunications, financial services, technology, insurance, health care, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and electronics industries. The company’s expertise lies in developing and integrating information systems, operating and improving technology and business processes, and helping clients evolve to the next generation of technologies. As one of the largest privately held information technology companies in the United States, Tekmark provides its clients with information technology and telephony solutions, including staff supplementation, collaborative staffing, and project solutions.

For more information, visit www.tekmarkinc.com.

Embarq Corporation (NYSE: EQ), headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, offers a complete suite of communications services. EMBARQ has operations in 18 states and is in the Fortune 500® list of America’s largest corporations.

For consumers, EMBARQ offers an innovative portfolio of services that includes reliable local and long distance home phone service, high-speed Internet, wireless, and satellite TV from DISH Network® -- all on one monthly bill.

For businesses, EMBARQ has a comprehensive range of flexible and integrated services designed to help businesses of all sizes be more productive and communicate with their customers. This service portfolio includes local voice and data services, long distance, Business Class High Speed Internet, wireless, satellite TV from DIRECTV®, enhanced data network services, voice and data communication equipment and managed network services.

For more information, visit embarq.com.


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