Albuquerque Public Schools (APS Foundation) and Innovate+Educate Announce Qwest Foundation’s Teachers & Technology Mini-Grant Program

SANTA FE, N.M. (Nov. 1, 2010) – Albuquerque Public Schools (APS Foundation) and Innovate+Educate today announced a $75,000 Teachers and Technology grant from the Qwest Foundation. The deadline for this grant application is November 30, 2010.


Innovate+Educate  was awarded $25,000 and will partner with the districts and educational leadership in the New Mexico STEM Network to improve the use of technology in effective teaching and learning with a focus on expanding access to learning resources for all students. Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) Foundation will receive $50,000 to provide teachers and educational leaders who are using technology in innovative ways to transform teaching and learning, also with a focus on expanding access via virtual resources.


All of the geographical areas that are impacted are key focus areas in which Qwest provides the backbone of the infrastructure for innovation in technology in education. The Qwest Teachers & Technology grant program identifies highlights and recognizes outstanding organizations teachers who are using technology in the classroom in new and innovative ways. Both partners will highlight and share best practices with educators across the state at the annual New Mexico Society for Technology in Education (NMSTE) Conference scheduled next year at the Albuquerque Uptown Sheraton on April 28-30.  

Qwest New Mexico President Loretta Armenta said the work of Innovate+Educate aligns with the goals of the Qwest Foundation, working to improve K-12 education and partnerships to advance innovation in education.

This partnership demonstrates Qwest’s solid commitment to supporting enhanced student learning and engagement by encouraging teachers to be innovative in their classroom,” said Armenta.  “Qwest is proud to partner with these two organizations to positively impact students in the STEM fields. “Our relationship with Innovate+Educate continues and expands our commitment to education, educators and students in New Mexico in order to better equip students for their futures.”

Jamai Blivin, president and CEO of Innovate+Educate, recognizes Qwest’s partnership as key to advancing innovation in education in New Mexico and beyond.

“Innovate+Educate is working strategically with the lead technology companies in the U.S. to align, coordinate and collaborate with their initiatives in advancing partnerships for education,” added Blivin. “Qwest’s leadership role in New Mexico is an example of this collaboration to support the innovation in the classrooms across New Mexico. We know that teachers will be excited about the opportunity to use best practices in technology and look forward to sharing the successes impacting students in the classroom.”

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The Qwest Foundation's core principle is that investing in people and communities provides lasting value for the future. The Qwest Foundation awards grants to community-based programs that generate high-impact and measurable results, focusing on pre-K through grade 12 education.

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