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Media Contacts

Media inquiries can be sent to

Michael Baker

Operations, CTO, Customer Experience

636-237-6769 (Office)


Caitlin Jenney

Human Resources

303-992-2525 (Office)


Linda M. Johnson

Public Policy, Pubic Sector, Government, Education

202-429-3130 (Office)


Stephanie Meisse

Global Account Management, Network

419-755-8433 (Office)


Mark Molzen

Global Issues Management, Transformation, Legal

602-716-3389 (Office)


Courtney Morton

Wholesale, Indirect Channels and Alliances, Cloud, IT

801-238-0228 (Office)

Tracey Lucas

Security, Investor Relations, Financial

720-888-4443 (Office)

Kerry Zimmer

Enterprise, Consumer

509-622-2803 (Office)