Using to connect customers to the power of the digital world

Connecting our customers to the power of the digital world – this is CenturyLink’s vision and our purpose for continuing to bring faster broadband speeds to the communities we serve. We recently announced that we have installed technology in Platteville, Wisconsin, to provide high-speed internet to nearly 800 apartments, resulting in the largest deployment of in North America.

But what exactly is To our customers, it means faster broadband speeds, and that’s all many may really care to know. For those interested in broadband delivery technology, it’s a new method of using existing copper or coaxial cable within a building and connecting it to equipment that is capable of delivering internet speeds up to 500 Mbps and higher.

The benefits of this technology are numerous. For the customer, broadband speeds over technology provide access to a super-fast internet service to help optimize apps and devices and support new technologies. For CenturyLink, allows us to operate more efficiently by using existing cable already in place to easily provide services throughout an entire building.

Because our trial with this new technology in Platteville was a success, we are expanding our use of technology. Similar to our Platteville project, we can install in multi-dwelling units (MDUs), such as apartment buildings, where we can use existing infrastructure to offer these faster speeds to numerous residents without re-wiring the apartment complex. The second is in multi-tenant units (MTUs), or buildings containing multiple businesses. gives us the ability to provide faster speeds to all businesses located within a single building. We can also use in neighborhoods where we have fiber-to-the-curb (FTTC), which is where we have fiber less than 500 feet from an individual home. In this example, will allow us to push faster speeds into homes over existing copper cables. is just one example of how CenturyLink is utilizing existing network infrastructure to accommodate the growing broadband needs of our customers and offering speeds that help connect them to the power of the digital world.

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