Reflecting on the Importance of Diversity

I recently had the honor of being selected to the Executive Leadership Council (ELC), joining more than 600 current and former senior executives at Fortune 1,000 and Global 500 companies in an organization whose mission focuses on diversity in the workplace. In June, we gathered together at the first ELC membership meeting in the UK.

It was fascinating to hear leaders discuss their perspectives on operating businesses in an age of disruption and technology, where the world has become smaller and more connected than ever before. This connectivity illustrates how diversity plays such a critical part in a company’s success. In order to thrive in a global economy, the strongest company cultures have the ability to foster a multicultural environment that honor and support diversity in all forms.

Diversity isn’t a buzz word. Rather, it plays a key role in employee satisfaction, productivity, developing an enhanced talent pool and fostering innovation.

I’m proud to be a part of CenturyLink, a company that recognizes a diverse workforce as one its greatest strengths. We foster a culture that honors mutual respect and collaboration, which results in delivering our best work.

Diversity will play an even greater role for us in the coming months. When CenturyLink completes its merger with Level 3 later this year, we’ll be doing business in more than 60 countries. This will bring together employees from even more different backgrounds, expertise and cultures – the foundation of a strong team.

In addition to the ELC honor, I’m very excited about the commitment to diversity that will continue at the executive leadership level upon the completion of the Level 3 acquisition. I am proud to have been selected to Jeff Storey’s team, effective at closing, as the leader of one of the five business units in the new organization structure.

The organization that I am privileged to lead includes an incredibly diverse cross section of businesses. We have customers of every size, in every community, representing every business vertical. Our biggest victories have come from fostering business relationships based on mutual respect, appreciation and understanding – the cornerstones of diversity.

My goal as a leader is to help employees be successful by feeling appreciated, respected and valued. Creativity and innovation are born from a diverse mix of employees, with each bringing their own perspectives and talents to the table. I spend a lot of time checking in with my team and making sure we are doing everything we can to create an environment that builds on those strengths.


The history of CenturyLink from its very beginning is one of growth, expansion, mergers and acquisitions. We are a blended family as a company but we pride ourselves on creating a culture that is rooted in our Unifying Principles. In fact, honesty, fairness, integrity and respect are, literally, etched in stone at our headquarters in Monroe.




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