Leaning on the past to accelerate our technology strategy

CenturyLink started out in the 1930s in Oak Ridge, Louisiana, a rural telephone company with just 75 subscribers. While the company looks nothing like it used to, the traditions and principles developed 85 years ago continue to inform our decision-making process and play a huge role in our long-term strategy to transform into a major player in the IP-enabled network services, cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions markets. With every action we take, we are focused on delivering a better experience for customers and partners.

Consider the growth of CenturyLink in just the past seven years. During this period of rapid change, we have added eight companies as the needs of our business customers have evolved for more diversified and integrated technology communications services.

In building our technology-centered foundation for the future, our CenturyLink Cloud platform remains a key priority. We’ve proven our commitment to cloud and our customers through recent acquisitions, adding Database-as-a-Service (Orchestrate), analytics that help companies derive intelligence from massive data sets (Cognilytics) and disaster-recovery services (DataGardens), among other investments.

In October, we announced our leadership position in building a service-centric environment for customers through the integration of our network and cloud services, combined with virtualization functions.

It’s an exciting time for CenturyLink, as our technology roadmap outlines our vision to fully integrate the CenturyLink technology platform and better scale our product offerings for customers. Going forward, we are ready to accelerate many aspects of our technology strategy.

Our company has exceptional leadership in place – not just on the technology front, but across the board. And our teams are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by putting our customers at the center of what we do.

We look forward to sharing even more details in the coming year about the value unlocked by our hybrid IT portfolio and the winning combinations we can offer through cloud, managed hosting, network and other solutions.

We’ve come a long way from the days when CenturyLink was operated via a single switchboard. But at the same time, many things remain the same. Clarke M. Williams, who received the company as a wedding gift from his parents and ran the business for many years, was known for telling employees to put the interests of others in front of their own. He set the foundation of core values that guide all of us at CenturyLink. We continue and honor that journey as we build products and services that enable millions of customers to transform their businesses and their lives through innovative technology solutions.

Aamir Hussain is chief technology officer at CenturyLink.

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