CenturyLink Takes Cybersecurity Seriously

Each day, millions of consumers and businesses rely on the Internet to learn, work, share information and to be entertained. And, while we may be aware of our personal privacy and virus concerns, the majority of us are unaware that thousands of much more serious cyber and network security attacks are taking place on the nation’s network infrastructure. The good news is the telecommunications industry is working around the clock to protect both their networks and your personal online safety.

On March 22, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) industry advisory committee, the Communications, Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council (CSRIC), issued and approved recommendations regarding three voluntary cybersecurity initiatives for Internet providers: Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNS SEC) Implementation; Secure Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Deployment; and Botnet Remediation.

During the meeting, FCC Chairman Genachowski recognized that these CSRIC recommendations “identif[ied] smart, practical, voluntary solutions that will materially improve the cybersecurity of commercial networks.” These reports are proof that the Internet Service Provider (ISP) community recognizes how important the issue of cybersecurity is to securing the nation’s critical infrastructure, protecting consumers, fighting crime and protecting national security.

CenturyLink has a strong focus on cybersecurity and has been an industry leader in this arena for more than six years. CenturyLink’s leadership played an integral role in Chairman Genachowski appointing Glen F. Post III, CenturyLink CEO and President, to chair CSRIC in August 2011.

Also, the FCC appointed a CenturyLink representative to serve as the Steering Committee Chair to manage the 10 working groups tasked with formulating and submitting recommendations to promote communications security, reliability and resiliency. In addition, 13 CenturyLink employees are currently serving on these working groups. Many of these CenturyLink employees are being called upon to provide cybersecurity expertise and assist in guiding the CSRIC work activity.

CenturyLink actively provided support during the development of the voluntary Anti-Bot Code of Conduct for ISPs and the associated industry best practices.

CenturyLink provides communications services to more than 14 million homes and businesses in more than 37 states and around the world, including voice, broadband, video entertainment and data services. In addition, we provide fiber backhaul, cloud computing and managed cybersecurity solutions.

As a premiere communications provider, CenturyLink recognizes how important the issue of cybersecurity is and constantly monitors, tests and upgrades its network infrastructure. We do this to protect our customers and to ensure services remain secure and available for all users. CenturyLink also has a strong history of protecting the privacy of our subscriber’s information, ensuring that customer’s traffic reaches valid targeted websites, and that online transactions are securely processed.

CenturyLink commends the industry for recognizing the importance of these voluntary initiatives and the continued willingness to work cooperatively to seek meaningful solutions. CenturyLink will continue to support the FCC’s efforts to work with ISPs in a voluntary manner to find the best approach for dealing with cybersecurity issues and ensuring a positive and secure online experience for our customers.

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