Utah State Office of Education and Qwest Foundation Team to Reward Innovative Teachers Throughout Utah with Tech Grants

SALT LAKE CITY, SEPT. 27, 2010 – The Utah State Office of Education (USOE) today announced the Qwest Foundation’s Teachers and Technology grant program, which for the fifth year in a row will offer funds that allow Utah teachers to provide vital technology for their classrooms. Qwest is providing a $50,000 donation that will help fund innovative technology so that individual teachers across the state can improve education in the classroom. The grants will be administered by the USOE.


The purpose of the Qwest Teachers and Technology grant program is to recognize and reward public school teachers who use innovative technology in the classroom to improve the educational experience for students. The competitive grant applications must be postmarrmation and the application/forms can be found atked::http://my.uen.org/39" href="http://my.uen.org/39">http://my.uen.org/39 (Qwest grant tab).


“We are fortunate to have Qwest Foundation’s Teachers and Technology program in Utah,” said Utah State Superintendent of Public Instruction Larry K. Shumway. “The program allows great teachers to leverage their lessons through the innovative use of technology.”

Luke Rowley from Hurricane Middle School was one of last year’s grant recipients. The Qwest Foundation grant funded an innovative proposal that provided a new computer and web conferencing hardware and software to make it possible for students to collaborate with other classrooms around the world. The program is designed to use technology in order to teach cultural awareness, history, geography and to provide experience using advanced technology.

“Now in its fifth year, the Qwest Foundation has given $250,000 to Utah teachers to help improve education in the communities where our customers and employees live and work,” said Jerry Fenn, Qwest’s president for Utah. “Last year, the Qwest Teachers and Technology grant program helped 28 teachers better prepare nearly 3,000 students to not only compete but to succeed in an increasingly technology-driven world.”


About Utah State Office of Education

The Utah State Office of Education focuses on the Utah State Board of Education’s goals to ensure literacy and numeracy for all Utah children, provide high quality instruction ium with high standards and relevance and require assessment to inform instruction and provide accountability.


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