SALT LAKE CITY – Aug. 18 Qwest Communications (NYSE: Q) has deployed to Hill Air Force Base, UT its Heavy Duty Internet is capable of delivering connection speeds up to 40 Mbps downstream and 20 Mbps upstream.


More than Fast – Powerful

More than fast, Qwest’s Heavy Duty Internet service is backed by a netwo network delivers in selected areas downstream connection speeds up to 40 Mbps and up to 20 Mbps upstream, which are among the fastest upstream connection speeds nationwide. These speeds power faster video and picture sharing, improve online video chat, and provide smoother online video game play experiences. Qwest Heavy Duty Internet also enhances home network performance by connecting multiple devices and allowing users to:


·         Download an average 30-minute TV show in as little as 44 seconds.

·         Download an HD movie in as little as 10 minutes.

·         Upload about 15 high-quality photos in less than a minute.

·         Upload a 3-minute video file in as little as 10 seconds (actual times will vary)&



Qwest’s Heavy Duty Internet includes Qwest @Ease™ a suite of backup, security and support services that make it easier to control, protect and connect digital devices. The suite includes key services such as:


·         Industry-leading protection against viruses and spyware from Norton™ AntiVirus Online

·         Automatic Online Backup with Qwest Personal Digital Vault™. This includes 2 GB of online backup at no charge, with additional space available with upgraded tiers.

·         The ability to upgrade your protection with our Qwest @Ease™ complete suite of backup, security and support services, including:

-         Full protection of Qwest warranties and guarantees

-         Annual PC tune-up

-         Certified Qwest technician to handle all covered repairs

-         Home networking set up and maintenance

-         Automatic Online Backup 50 GB

-         Norton™ Internet Security Online or Norton 360™ Online


The freedom of mobile access to the information, services and entertainment on the Internet is part of Qwest’s Heavy Duty Internet with the inclusion of Qwest wireless access at home with optional wireless modem and away with Qwest WiFi, powered by AT&T WiFi in over 17,000 locations.

Qwest’s Heavy Duty Internet is offered at an introductory rate of $19.99 for six months for 1.5 Mbps speed tier up to 40 Mbps where available. Price is $10 higher for customers without Qwest local phone service.


“Our customers on Hill Air Force Base want an easy-to-use, secure, reliable and robust Internet experience that brings all their devices together,” said Jerry Fenn, Qwest President for Utah. “Qwest Heavy Duty Internet allows users to do it all, from downloading movies to online video gaming to sharing photos when they want, whether they’re at home on the Base or around town.”


·         Qwest Heavy Duty Internet Online Platform         

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The marks that comprise the Qwest logo are registered trademarks of Qwest Communications International Inc. in the U.S. and certain other countries.