Flooding in the Red River Valley remains unpredictable, but every effort is being made by Qwest Communications to keep facilities for local phone, long distance and Internet services operating.

  • Qwest employees have protected more than 90 infrastructure locations with flood covers and 7,000+ sandbags up to 4 to 5 feet high.
  • Qwest is offering free emergency call forwarding (1 866-992-1784) for customers to redirect home and business calls to wherever they are staying temporarily during the crisis.
  • Employees will be strategically placed with company vehicles in safe areas only across the city in the event travel becomes more difficult.
  • Spotters are monitoring water levels at communications sites deemed most at risk for flooding.
  • In the event of evacuations, Qwest employees will be in the evacuation zone to maintain communications around the clock, including 911 services.
  • Qwest will be deploying additional employees from Iowa and South Dakota to Minnesota and North Dakota to assist in efforts.
  • Qwest is making every effort to keep customers connected during this flooding crisis. Qwest was able to keep services running during the record-breaking floods in Grand Forks in 1997.

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