Qwest Communications Launches Enhanced DSL And Dial-Up Internet Services; Expands Online Avenue To Five New Markets

  • Professional Class DSL Services To Provide Business Customers With Service Level Assurances, Increased Technical Support
  • Qwest.net Business Center Debuts, Featuring Small Business Content From Inc.com
  • Online Aven

    Denver, October 26, 2000 — Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q), the broadband Internet communications company, today announced three initiatives that make broadband and dial-up Internet connections more productive, entertaining and affordable for business and residential customers of the company's industry-leading Qwest DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and Qwest.net Internet services.

    Qwest today launched a portfolio of Professional Class Qwest DSL services that deliver the premier levels of service and support demanded by business customers. Qwest also unveiled a redesigned Qwest.net featuring a new online Business Center that gives small businesses a one-stop Web destination to an array of management resources from inc.com. Additionally, Qwest announced the expansion of Online Avenue, an Internet portal designed specifically for customers with Qwest DSL high-speed connections, to customers in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City and Seattle.

    "Qwest continues to set the standard in the broadband Internet industry by giving customers faster and more affordable options for Internet access, and by making their time online more worthwhile with content designed to educate, entertain and leverage high-speed connections," said Rick Weston, senior vice president of Qwest Internet solutions.

    Professional-Class DSL Now Available to Businesses
    Qwest DSL is spearheading Qwest's new Internet services campaign with a suite of Professional Class DSL services that meet the needs of business customers through enhanced technical support, and for the first time, service level agreements that guarantee service installation timeframes and performance levels.

    Qwest Professional Class DSL includes service installation by specially-trained Qwest technicians, a dedicated 24x7 help desk, and same-day modem replacement. These measures have been implemented to minimize downtime and ensure that a customer's critical business needs are met. In addition, Qwest also offers service level assurances to Professional Class DSL customers that their service will be installed on time and will perform at a consistently high level.

    "By adding greater levels of service and support, we’re responding to the demands of business customers, who require a richer service that enables them to concentrate more on their core businesses needs," said Shaun Gilmore, Qwest's executive vice president of communications services.

    Qwest's Professional Class DSL is tailored to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses with a selection of speeds at affordable monthly rates:

    Service Downstream/Upstream Speed Monthly Fee
    Professional 256 up to 640 Kbps/272 Kbps $ 50.00
    Professional 640 640 Kbps/544 Kbps $ 60.00
    Professional 960 960 Kbps/816 Kbps $ 70.00
    Professional 1280 1.28 Mbps/1.088 Mbps $ 80.00
    Professional 4480 4.48 Mbps/1.088 Mbps $150.00
    Professional 7168 7.168 Mbps/1.088 Mbps $250.00

    Qwest continues to expand the availability of Qwest DSL and by the end of the year the service will be available for residential and business customers in more than 70 markets in Qwest's 14-state local territory.

    New Qwest.net features business advice, security options
    Customers can now turn to the newly redesigned Qwest.net portal for new services and content, including a new Business Center that gives small business owners a one-stop source for inc.com’s management resources.

    Inc.com provides award-winning content through thousands of articles that deliver trusted information to help small business owners start, run and grow their businesses. The company also delivers an e-commerce function that allows business owners to tap into inc.com's selection of more than 100 pre-screened small business solutions.

    In addition, Qwest.net customers can now protect their PCs from intruders with Hack Tracer software from SHARP Technology. Hack Tracer blocks unauthorized access to customers' PCs and alerts users if someone has attempted to gain access to their computer. The software then tracks the hacker back to their point of origin and stores that information in a database, which can later be used by local authorities or ISP's.

    Qwest.net, which now supports both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape, is also making it easier for its dial-up customers to receive updated access numbers, through services provided by Rockstar Software's Gearbox. Customers phone books are automatically updated with a current list of Qwest.net access numbers, a feature particularly helpful for customers that use worldwide roaming features. Gearbox also provides diagnostic tools that help Qwest.net users set up their Internet connections.

    Online Avenue Broadband Portal Expands to Five New Markets
    Qwest's Online Avenue, one of the first Internet communities designed specifically for Internet users with high-speed DSL connections, is now available to customers in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City and Seattle.

    First launched in Denver last May, Online Avenue gives Qwest.net customers with Qwest DSL exclusive access to streaming video, rich music and audio, fast-action games, up-to-the-minute stock information and other multimedia and interactive content.

    Online Avenue offers Qwest DSL subscribers better content and better Internet connections that take full advantage of their high-speed access:

    Better Content
    With Online Avenue, customers can access popular content and service categories by some of the leading Internet content providers. Categories include Entertainment, News, Games, Sports, Living & Learning, and Kids:

    • Play fast-action games through Media Station's SelectPlay and Into Networks that most Internet users can't play because their connections are too slow. This gives customers a broader range of top-selling interactive games and the option to rent games rather than buy them.
    • Play their favorite songs and — if they have a CD recorder— create personalized CDs. Online Avenue facilitates access to exclusive webcasts of top performers in concert, songs from MCY.com, new music via TuneTo.comTM Listener-Powered Internet RadioSM, and enjoy streaming audio and video entertainment, news, sports, movies and music from StreamSearch.
    • Obtain real-time stock quotes and detailed stock analysis through stox.com. This information generally is available only to investment professionals using expensive computer terminals dedicated exclusively to financial information.
    • Locate Web sites, shop, find a new job, or check out a restaurant through ultra-fast broadband-enabled searches on LookSmart, which provides users a rich directory of information, community, e-commerce, and entertainment services.
    • Watch breaking news clips from MSNBC and NBC News; view music, sports videos, and movie trailers on MeTV; see live webshows about politics, sports and more, and hourly video headlines; and watch the latest in 3D animated content from Brilliant Digital Entertainment.
    • Turn home videos of their kids' sporting events into online highlights to share and save through Sportscapsule's easy-to-use online video service.

    Better Connections
    Many Online Avenue services reside on Qwest servers that connect directly to Qwest.net and Qwest DSL customers, eliminating the need to go through the public Internet, where bottlenecks and other logjams can slow content delivery. In other cases, companies providing content through Qwest.net's Online Avenue have established their own high-speed networks.

    For example, a large collection of additional content is available over Enron Broadband Service's high-speed, fiber-optic network; NET-36TM (www.net-36.com), PanAmSat’s satellite-based Internet broadcast network; and broadband content, streaming media, and applications delivered by Akamai.

    About Qwest
    Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) is a leader in reliable, scalable and secure broadband Internet-based data, voice and image communications for businesses and consumers. The Qwest Macro Capacity® Fiber Network, designed with the newest optical networking equipment for speed and efficiency, spans more than 104,000 miles globally. For more information, please visit the Qwest web site at www.qwest.com.

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