Qwest Announces First Nationwide IP Voice Service

DENVER - December 15, 1997 (Nasdaq: QWST) In the first of a series of announcements regarding its native IP product strategy, Qwest announced it would offer phone-to-phone telephony service to consumers and small businesses. The new product is the first Qwest offering to fully leverage the unique benefits of its Internet Protocol (IP)-based, broadband network. In 1998, Qwest intends to introduce an entire suite of native IP products that will harness the advantages of its state-of-the-art fiber optic network design. Examples of future integrated IP services include virtual private networks (VPNs) and IP fax.

"Qwest is building the nations most sophisticated native IP network to enable advanced and innovative multimedia applications," said Joseph P. Nacchio, president and CEO of Qwest. "Because of our bandwidth and unique network design, Qwest will allow customers to easily and affordably incorporate advanced communications applications into their business processes and daily lives."

Phone-to-Phone IP Voice Service Offering Qwest's domestic, long distance IP service will be offered to consumers and small businesses, through a controlled introduction, at $0.075 per minute for state-to-state calls. This rate will apply 24 hours per day, seven days per week, with no restrictions. The new Qwest service will be available to customers at the end of January, in nine cities including Anaheim, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco and San Jose, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; Denver, Colorado; and Kansas City, Kansas. In conjunction with the planned network buildout, Qwest will expand its IP service offering to approximately 25 cities by mid-1998.

To place a long distance call using Qwest's IP telephony service, a customer will make a local call to access the Qwest IP network, then enter his/her own password and then dial the destination number. The sound quality and reliability of each call will equal that of traditional phone service because each call will be carried primarily on the Qwest native IP, broadband network. Because of the Qwest network's enormous bandwidth, Qwest will send voice traffic over its private IP network without compressing the message. In addition, Qwest's high bandwidth eliminates latency that has been experienced with previous and existing Internet telephone services.

About Qwest Qwest Communications International, Inc. (Nasdaq: QWST), is a multimedia communications company building a high-capacity, fiber optic network for the 21st century. Qwest's planned domestic network will connect 125 cities, which represent approximately 80 percent of the data and voice traffic originating in the United States, upon its completion in the second quarter of 1999. Qwest is also extending its network 1,400 miles into Mexico with completion slated for late third quarter 1998. With its cutting-edge technolovoice, data and video connectivity securely and reliably to businesses, consumers and other communications service providers.

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