Qwest and U S WEST Team to Offer Customers Value and Simplicity of One-Stop Shopping for Local and Long-Distance Services

DENVER - Qwest Communications and U S WEST Communications today announced a marketing alliance to offer customers the simplicity and convenience of one-stop shopping to meet all their local and long-distance telecommunications needs.

As part of the marketing alliance, Qwest and U S WEST will offer customers the following:

* With a single call, customers can choose a package that includes local services from U S WEST and an option of long-distance service from Qwest;

* Greatly simplified pricing on long-distance from Qwest - 10¢-a-minute, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, with no monthly fees, hidden charges or fine print commonly associated with other long-distance offers. Rates for business customers will vary depending on usage;

* One bill containing customers' local and long-distance charges, and a single service requests;

* Service availability in all 14 U S WEST states: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

"This is a clear win for customers. By working together, U S WEST and Qwest are bringing greater value to customers in long-distance service, with the added convenience of a complete communications package," said Joseph P. Nacchio, president and CEO, Qwest Communications. "With this innovative offer, customers will finally see the true benefits of a competitive market."

"Now, customers can make one call to get it all," said Solomon D. Trujillo, president and CEO of U S WEST Communications. "Customers have been asking for this kind of simplicity and value for years. It gives them what they want - the very best in local service, conveniently packaged with an outstanding option for long distance."

This alliance is the centerpiece of the new U S WEST Buyer's Advantage program, which is designed to offer customers the benefits of one-stop shopping, a single bill and an option for some of the best long-distance rates possible by working with long-distance carriers operating in U S WEST's 14-state territory.

Customers interested in the U S WEST Buyer's Advantage program can call 1-800-244-1111 for residential service, and 1-888-596-2475 for business service.

"We're committed to offering customers more convenience and choice. U S WEST Buyer's Advantage is designed to do just that. That's what competition is all about," said Trujillo. "U S WEST has opened its local market to hundreds of new competitors.

We're committed to giving our customers the opportunity to choose their long-distance carrier, and to giving them more choices as to who that carrier might be. In addition, we continue to take all necessary regulatory steps to offer long distance to our customers."

About U S WEST U S WEST Communications provides telecommunications services - including wireline, wireless PCS and data networking - to more than 25 million customers in 14 western and midwestern states. The company is one of two major groups that make up U S WEST, a company in the connections business, helping customers share information, entertainment and communications services in local markets worldwide. U S WEST's other major group, MediaOne Group, is involved in domestic and international cable and telephone, wireless communications, and directory and information services. U S WEST has proposed splitting the two groups into separate public companies sometime after mid-1998, pending shareowner approval. More information about U S WEST Communications can be found on the Internet at http://www.uwest.com.

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