Start off the New Year With Safe Online Computing

Recent polls conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 73 percent of Americans go online on a daily basis. And one out of five Americans report going online "almost constantly." With all that time on the internet, we wanted to share a few more tips to help keep your time online safe:

  • Avoid searching for celebrity gossip. Malware authors know that people naturally gravitate toward gossip and plan new attacks specifically targeting people looking for gossip.
  • Avoid file-sharing sites dealing with copyrighted material, as they can open you up to potential hacker targeting.
  • Don’t do online gaming. Many of these sites sneak adware onto your PC, and some are fronts for identity theft rings.
  • Set your Facebook privacy settings so they are not “open.” If you enter your birthdate, location or even your phone number without changing the privacy setting, your information could be seen by everyone.
  • Never connect to unknown wireless networks. In public places like airports and hotels, be careful about logging in, as people can eavesdrop.
  • Do not use the “save my password” feature. Although it is a convenient feature, anyone using your computer can then access the site with your password.

Check out our CenturyLink Security Blog for more online safety tips.

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