Sports and Tech Deliver the Ultimate Entertainment Experience for Minnesota Vikings Fans

Sports fans can’t get enough of the game. One screen is not good enough for avid fans as they want to engage with the players, the team, the sponsors and other fans. Real-time sports consumption has reached an ultimate high and the technology has to be there to support consumer demand. From RFID tracking chips to personalized digital game-day advertising, technology continues to be a huge game-changer for the sports industry.

As sponsorships director for CenturyLink, some of the very first conversations we have with current and future sponsorship partners are around how to implement best-in-class technology solutions to enhance the fan experience.

For example, our most recent sponsorship with the Minnesota Vikings is all about providing fans an enhanced game-day experience with state-of-the-art stadium technology. Vikings fans will be able to enjoy the ultimate game-day connectivity via CenturyLink’s Wi-Fi networking infrastructure. With 1,300 Wi-Fi access points and 2,000 HD TVs connected stadium-wide, cloud-based technology and data analytics will customize the fan experience now and in the future.

Significant technology enhancements played a huge role in our sponsorship agreement with the Minnesota Vikings. As the official communications partner, we’re able to bring advanced networking capabilities to improve how the Vikings connects with its fans. Better data synchronization and ultra-fast gigabit Internet speeds will enhance fans’ Wi-Fi experience at games and other events at the stadium.

As a company, we are thankful for the opportunity to work with the hometown teams where we live and work. Our NFL sponsorships with the Broncos, Seahawks and now the Vikings not only provide us with the opportunity to engage with the local communities where we operate, but they also give us a chance to showcase how sports, entertainment and technology together can deliver the best fan experiences. Read more about our sponsorships with the Vikings, Broncos, Seahawks and join the conversation.

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