Seven tips for keeping your mobile device…your device

The popularity of laptops, smart phones, iPads, or other mobile devices make them desired targets for criminals. Mobile device theft occurs every day and the impact goes beyond the physical loss of the device. People often forget about the personal and financial data stored on the device, or the passwords that automatically log into shopping and banking sites. Here are a few tips to help you keep track of your mobile device:

Never leave mobile devices in plain view inside vehicles. If a device must be left in a vehicle, place it in the trunk or in a locked storage compartment.

Never leave mobile devices unattended in public locations, such as hotels, conference centers, airports, or restaurants.

Carry your laptop in a non-descript case, rather than a purpose-made case. This way, your bag won’t scream, “Hey, I’m a laptop, steal me!”

Place identification on the device for easy visual identification. For example, affix a business card or create an ID label.

At home, store mobile devices out of sight when not in use.

Do not set your laptop, iPad, or other mobile device on the floor – it’s easy to forget your device when you walk away.

Avoid taping your password to your device or tucking it into the case.

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