CenturyLink Disappointed With Net Neutrality Decision

By John F. Jones, Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Government Relations

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals issued its decision upholding the FCC’s net neutrality rules today.

"We’re disappointed with the decision of the two-judge majority to deny the industry’s appeal," said CenturyLink, Inc.(NYSE: CTL) Senior Vice President for Public Policy and Government Relations John F. Jones. "We appealed major portions of the net neutrality order because, in our opinion, it is unlawful, overly regulatory and out of step with rapidly evolving consumer needs and network investment strategies. CenturyLink supports the open internet that has flourished largely without government regulation for more than 30 years. The FCC’s decision to impose a heavy-handed regulatory regime on internet access does not further an open internet and instead hampers investment and consumer choice."

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