Oh, no, I’ve been hacked. Now what?

Sooner or later, your device, e-mail, online account, or social media account is likely to be hacked. If you are a victim of hacking, what should you do next?

Here are a few tips to consider taking after you learn that you have been hacked in order to protect yourself as much as possible:

Make sure to change the password on the account that was hacked and change passwords on other accounts that use the same password. Changing usernames is an added security step.

Consider signing up for a credit monitoring service to create an added layer of vigilance.

Review credit card statements for any unusual or unauthorized charges, no matter how small. In addition, be sure to let your bank’s fraud department know that your information may have been compromised.

Contact credit reporting agencies to freeze your credit. This will proactively stop new accounts from being opened in your name, as the credit worthiness of new accounts cannot be determined.

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