Data Breaches and Credit Card Leaks - Cybersecurity is Everyone’s Business

In the world of security, 2014 was known as the year of the data breach. A total of 783 U.S. data breaches were tracked last year, a 261 percent increase over 2013 (source: IDC). In addition, more than 70 million credit cards were compromised due to a vendor leak and 56 million credit cards were leaked due to security turnover and software issues.

As consumers, it’s obvious we need to be concerned and educated on the subject of personal security and the security of the companies we trust with our personal information. Breaches occur through a variety of adversaries, including cyber criminals, terrorists, hacktivists and insiders.  Similar to what companies need, consumers need to know who their adversaries are, where their data is stored, and what may be of value to an adversary.

In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we are offering Internet security tips through our consumer security blog and information about CenturyLink’s online security suite, CenturyLink @Ease, for computer support, identity theft protection, automatic cloud backup and antivirus services.

Security is not a one-time fix, but rather an ongoing process of utilizing proper tools, being aware of current cyber threats and educating yourself with the latest online security tips.


Five tips to tighten up your online security
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