CenturyLink Takes Copper Theft Seriously, Pushes for Stronger Laws

Copper prices have increased dramatically over the last several years, resulting in a significant increase in the number of copper cable thefts from homes and businesses. Unfortunately, copper theft and the corresponding damage to telecommunications facilities can cause potentially dangerous service disruptions for consumers and businesses.

For example, customers can lose their phone and Internet service for several hours or days at a time due to the theft of crucial copper cables. People with medical conditions who rely on their home phone for emergency services may be left without the ability to contact police through 911. In addition, the damage caused by each incidence of copper theft can be costly in terms of time, resources and materials to repair.

At CenturyLink, we take this issue very seriously. We are working with federal, state and local elected officials to discourage these thefts by establishing or strengthening metal theft laws to give the police more power to deal with these crimes. But, the public also has a key safety role to play. We need your help to stop metal theft.

We encourage you to be aware of the signs of copper theft, which include stockpiled wires and cables, burnt cable indicating that the insulation has been melted off, painted black ladders that can blend in at night and large amounts of cut cable near non-branded vehicles. Should you witnesses this type of suspicious activity, we urge you to report it to local authorities immediately.

By working together, we hope to stop metal thieves in their tracks before they rob people and businesses of their phone or Internet service for hours or days at a time.

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