CenturyLink Statement On President Obama’s Remarks In Cedar Falls

WASHINGTON – CenturyLink released the following statement regarding President Obama’s remarks about municipal broadband in Cedar Falls, Iowa:

“CenturyLink invests hundreds of millions of dollars a year to bring high-speed broadband to millions of Americans. Consumers benefit from this investment and from marketplace competition. CenturyLink customers can get speeds up to 1 gigabit per second in 16 cities around the country. In Iowa alone, CenturyLink’s investment of more than $2.5 billion to date allows many Eastern and Central Iowa residents to receive speeds up to 100 megabits per second. However, we believe government-owned broadband networks are not a good use of limited tax dollars due to their high failure rates.

We are in a dynamic and rapidly changing telecommunications environment that will continue to provide creative and unique partnership opportunities for providers and consumers. CenturyLink will continue to work closely with our communities, listen carefully and take a solutions-based approach to addressing broadband, voice and data-hosting needs. We believe the majority of municipalities understand the challenges and costs of operating high-speed networks long term and are looking for efficient solutions that will benefit consumers and lower the costs of obtaining rights of way and deploying networks at the local level.”

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