CenturyLink Participates In Set-Top Box Energy Conservation Agreement

CenturyLink and more than a dozen industry-leading multichannel video providers and device manufacturers—which collectively deliver service to more than 90 million American households—recently announced an unprecedented Set-Top Box Energy Conservation Agreement.

The participating companies agree that at least 90 percent of all new set-top boxes purchased and deployed after 2013 will meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star 3.0 efficiency levels. Based on market projections for set-top box deployments, this will result in annual residential electricity savings of $1.5 billion or more when the agreement is fully realized. The voluntary, five-year agreement goes into effect Jan. 1, 2013.

For immediate residential electricity savings, “light sleep” standby capabilities will be downloaded to more than 10 million digital video recorders (DVRs) that are already in homes. Light sleep mode stops a DVR’s hard drive from spinning when the device isn’t recording programming.  In 2013, providers will offer light sleep capabilities or include an automatic power down feature in 90 percent of set-top-boxes purchased and deployed.

The Set-Top Box Energy Conservation Agreement, which is designed to improve set-top box energy efficiency, is just one example of CenturyLink’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring the long-term health, preservation and intelligent use of our energy resources.

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