CenturyLink Invests In Robust Cybersecurity Protections

With Congress and the administration contemplating various approaches to cybersecurity legislation over the August recess, I want to remind CenturyLink’s customers that we take the issue of cybersecurity very seriously.

As an Internet service provider, we see a number of areas where congressional action can make valuable improvements to our nation’s ability to combat cyberthreats. We’re encouraged by legislation that clarifies and enhances the sharing of vital cybersecurity information between public and private sector partners as long as there are appropriate privacy protections in place for service providers and their customers.

At best, cybersecurity is a dynamic, constantly evolving challenge that should be tackled via collaborative partnerships. At worst, cybersecurity could devolve into a checklist that diverts resources away from effective protections into expensive compliance measures that may be outdated by the time they’re implemented. That’s why we strongly caution against a regulatory approach based on government mandates or performance requirements.

Because our network is one of the central assets of our business, CenturyLink and our industry peers already have the strongest commercial incentives to invest in and maintain robust cybersecurity protections.

As CenturyLink’s Chief Security Officer David Mahon told the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce in testimony before the Subcommittee on Communications and the Internet earlier this year, “Our networks, and those of our customers, are the targets of thousands of cybersecurity events daily. CenturyLink and our customers invest significant resources in constant and ongoing efforts to keep those assets secure.”

However, communications providers are just one part of the cyber ecosystem. Our comprehensive cybersecurity efforts involve working closely with technology providers, end users, owners and operators of critical infrastructure, government partners and other stakeholders to strengthen our collective defenses against cyberattacks.

For example, CenturyLink is a resident member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s National Coordinating Center. Our CEO Glen Post participates in the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee and chairs the Federal Communications Commission’s Communications, Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council.

We commend Congress and the administration for their continued interest in improving the nation’s cybersecurity posture. CenturyLink has strived to be a constructive partner in this effort and will continue to do so.

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