CenturyLink Helps Policy Makers Better Understand Broadband Performance Testing

For millions of customers and businesses, the Internet is an important part of their everyday lives.  Broadband service has become a valuable tool to help consumers with their studies, with their jobs and small businesses, with household tasks and with staying in touch with friends and family.

Customers deserve broadband service that is right for their needs and budget, and CenturyLink provides information to help them choose the service that is best for them.  We also help them understand the broadband service choices that are available to them and the many factors that can impact their broadband user experience.

Broadband services deliver bandwidth, or the ability to receive and transmit a given quantity of data each second.  Many people refer to this as broadband speed.  Higher download speeds mean customers can view files and websites more quickly, run more demanding applications and have more home computers share a connection at the same time,

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently released its second report evaluating the performance of major wireline broadband service providers. The report is based on data from testing boxes placed within the homes of volunteers.  It does not rank or grade providers.

CenturyLink was one of a dozen major broadband service providers that cooperated with the FCC’s testing program. The FCC’s new report shows that CenturyLink and other major broadband providers deliver consistent, high-quality service. It also shows that CenturyLink and other major broadband providers deliver speeds reasonably close to advertised, even during the heaviest usage periods. In addition, the report shows that customers are migrating to faster speed tiers and are receiving faster speeds.

CenturyLink stands ready to help customers who have questions about their broadband speed.  Helpful tips and tools are provided on our website, including troubleshooting resources and advice on how to optimize your high-speed Internet connection. CenturyLink also provides a broadband speed test so customers can accurately check their current speed that can be found by clicking on “high-speed Internet support” on our home page.

CenturyLink delivers world-class voice, broadband, video entertainment and data services to more than 14 million homes and businesses in 37 states and many other locations around the world. We are proud of our network as a tier one Internet service provider, our customer-focused service and our demonstrated commitment to meeting the needs of our high-speed Internet users.

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