CenturyLink goes Hollywood with new Prism® TV commercials

As part of the development process for our new ad campaign to promote our interactive television service, Prism TV, we considered the benefits of being a Prism TV customer. One of the highlights that stood out to us was ultimately the path we chose to take with our campaign – “Hollywood Insiders.” With hundreds of channels available, both in the home and on the go, and with top premium channels like HBO, Showtime and Starz, we are able to provide the entertainment that turns our customers into Hollywood Insiders. Prism TV customers can sit in the comfort of their own home, or in an airport or coffee shop, and have access to some of the best shows and movies in Hollywood. 

“Hollywood Insiders” introduces viewers to a family who thinks they are the true Hollywood Insiders and, as a result, they critique a real Hollywood star. We selected acclaimed actor Paul Giamatti from the movies Sideways and American Splendor as our Prism TV spokesperson and, as he talks about the features of our Prism TV service, his performance is critiqued by the family. We decided to debut these commercials during a program that typically attracts those interested in Hollywood entertainment - the 2016 Academy Awards. It was a great fit. The response to the commercials has been positive, with viewers appreciating the fact that they are funny and lighthearted. We also received great feedback on them from several advertising publications, including Adweek.

You can watch our commercials here:

Would you like to be the next Hollywood Insider? Learn more about Prism TV and whether it’s available in your neighborhood on our website.

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