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News Releases
Talk To Qwest Celebrates One Year of Service

Thanks to social media, the world engages in a nonstop conversation. With the launch of its customer service channel, “Talk To Qwest,” on the micro blogging site Twitter last year, Qwest joined the conversation and has been working with customers throughout its service region to resolve issues, respond to questions and to offer tips to enhance their high-speed internet experience. Today, Talk To Qwest celebrates its 1stbirthday.


  • Talk To Qwest launched in April 2009.
  • Talk to Qwest has more than 2,500 followers on Twitter and has helped nearly 8,500 customers.
  • With the success of Talk To Qwest on Twitter, Qwest launched a Facebook page. The page includes a unique application called, “In Case of Emergency,” which provides another service channel.




-Brian Stading, Qwest vice president, Sales Support Operations


“As a technology company, we identified the need to be more innovative in how we interact with our customers; Twitter was a key element in that strategy. With Talk To Qwest, we have evolved our customer service business model, increased our ability to respond to customers and are seeing higher rates of customer satisfaction.”



-Joshua Sippola, Talk to Qwest team lead – Idaho Falls, Idaho

"Today people have an expectation that their providers will interact with them through social media. Through Talk To Qwest, we’ve been able to meet customer expectations and make a difference in their experience and perceptions of Qwest. It is gratifying to know that the Talk To Qwest team is helping customers resolve their issues.”