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News Releases
SAVVIS Unveils Enhancements to Virtualized IT Utility Services

ST. LOUIS, MO – September 28, 2005 – At an exclusive briefing of IT industry analysts today, SAVVIS, Inc. (NASDAQ:SVVS), a leading global IT utility services provider, demonstrated breakthrough enhancements and functionality for its virtualized IT utility services delivery platform. 

Based on highly advanced and automated software management and provisioning systems, SAVVIS’global IT utility services platform is the first to integrate network, hosting, storage, and compute architectures into unified service delivery model. To date, SAVVIS has deployed more than 650 virtual servers, 220 terabytes of virtualized storage, and 800 virtual firewalls, representing the fastest growing segment of SAVVIS’ business 

The conventional IT deployment model requires weeks or months for companies to procure and install servers, storage devices, and network bandwidth. Studies have shown that this model wastes up to 80% of hardware capacity. SAVVIS’ virtualized utility platform provides access to a pool of IT resources from which a tailored configuration can be in production in a matter of minutes and waste is eliminated as customers pay only for what they use. Additionally, with this new approach customers are freed from the up-front capital expense of buying hardware “boxes” and instead are able to match expense to usage. As a result, the platform increases a company’s flexibility and agility, making it possible to rapidly scale up or down their IT systems to meet business demand. 

At the analyst briefing today, SAVVIS executives demonstrated new features that make it easier for customers to integrate SAVVIS’ utility services into their overall IT architecture. These include:

  • Reference Architectures & Transaction Billing – SAVVIS demonstrated new configurations of its utility platform that adhere to industry best practices for applications such as Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases and application servers. The new reference architectures are integrated with a new metered billing engine that enables per transaction billing.
  • Dynamic Response and Provisioning – SAVVIS demonstrated new monitoring and detection features built into the SAVVIS systems management software that allows customers to, for the first time, automatically and instantly provision or remove IT services based on their pre-determined parameters and thresholds.
  • Thin Client Desktop Integration – SAVVIS demonstrated its new desktop utility computing service that integrates the Sun Microsystems Sun Ray™ thin client technology with SAVVIS’ virtualized IT utility services platform and management systems extending the power of utility computing from the data center to the desktop.

In addition, SAVVIS previewed and demonstrated enhancements to current products through tighter integration with the virtualized utility services platform including:

  • Content Delivery Utility – a new global architecture that creates massive Content Delivery Utility Nodes integrated with SAVVIS’ Intelligent Traffic Management Software to improve the performance and availability of web applications, content, and transactions.
  • Media Workflow Utility – combines SAVVIS Content Distribution and Management Software with utility storage to deliver an automated and collaborative workflow for creating, distributing, archiving, and retrieving rich media content.
  • Financial Markets Utility – combines SAVVIS’ utility infrastructure with its multicast network, and ticker plant software to allow market participants to select direct market data feeds from a menu of trading venues.

Commenting on the enhancements to SAVVIS’ virtualized utility services, SAVVIS Chairman & CEO Rob McCormick said, “In 2004 we unveiled a new architecture for corporate computing from which we launched the industry’s first enterprise-class IT utility services. We are continuing to innovate, offering new features that empower businesses to easily adopt best practices for their IT systems, automatically expand or contract their IT infrastructure based on thresholds defined in software, and leverage a metered billing model to match expense to usage with fine grain accuracy.”

SAVVIS, Inc. (NASDAQ: SVVS) is a global IT utility services provider that focuses exclusively on IT solutions for businesses. With an IT services platform that extends to 47 countries, SAVVIS has over 5,000 enterprise customers and leads the industry in delivering secure, reliable, and scalable hosting, network, and application services. These solutions enable customers to focus on their core business while SAVVIS ensures the quality of their IT systems and operations. SAVVIS’ strategic approach combines virtualization technology, a global network and 24 data centers, and automated management and provisioning systems. For more information about SAVVIS, visit: . 

Forward-Looking Statements 
This document contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual results may differ materially from SAVVIS’ expectations. Certain factors that could affect actual results are set forth as risk factors in SAVVIS’ SEC reports and filings, including its annual report on Form 10-K and all subsequent filings. SAVVIS assumes no obligation to update or supplement forward-looking statements.