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News Releases
Qwest iQ Networking Service Named "Best Value" by Industry Leading Magazine

DENVER, AUGUST 29, 2005 ? Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) today announced that CMP Media LLC?s Network Computing Magazine has given Qwest iQ Networking? its ?Best Value? award for wide-area networking (WAN) solutions. After a rigorous review process, Network Computing determined Qwest?s solution had ?excellent reliability, a good services offering and, without a doubt, the best price.? The August 4, 2005 article also said that Qwest iQ Networking, ?should be on anyone?s shortlist.?

?We?re thrilled to have won this prestigious award because Qwest iQ Networking is one of our most strategic solutions available to businesses today,? said Tom Richards, executive vice president, business markets group for Qwest. ?By giving us the ?Best Value? award, Network Computing underscored our most important benefits to customers: service and value.?

The award was a result of a weeks-long effort by Network Computing to carefully analyze different service providers? WAN solutions. Network Computing sent a request for information on behalf of a fictional fast-food company looking to replace an aging frame relay network linking 128 global sites and supporting voice, video, SAP transactions and Lotus Notes. Critical selection criteria included quality of service and added services that reduced the cost of managing the customer?s applications and overall network. Qwest?s rating of an ?A-?was unsurpassed.

According to the selection committee, among the value inherent in Qwest?s response:

  • A meticulously crafted, detailed response that guided the customer?s multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) strategy.
  • A good mix of service and MPLS technologies running on Qwest?s production network.
  • Qwest OneFlex Hosted Voice over IP, which simplifies the customer?s integrated voice services.
  • Comparable to or better than other service providers with class-of-service support.
  • Qwest Control? self-service portal for provisioning and performance monitoring.

For more information on Qwest iQ Networking and this Network Computing award, customers may visit

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