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News Releases
Qwest Wireless Launches New Mobile Broadband Service

DENVER, May 22, 2007 - Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) today announced that it is offering a new mobile broadband service through evolution data optimized (EVDO) technology. With a Qwest(R) Wireless Mobile Broadband access card inserted in a laptop computer, and a subscription to one of three Qwest Wireless Mobile Broadband plans, customers can now connect to the Internet at broadband-like speeds when on the Sprint Power VisionSM network.

Qwest Mobile Broadband complements Qwest's existing high-speed Internet solutions by allowing customers the convenience to access the Internet, e-mail, and calendars, and stay connected to the office while on the road. This service will work in many places where a WiFi network is not available.

"Qwest Mobile Broadband service includes cutting-edge REV-A technology that is not yet available from some providers. It allows you to take your office virtually anywhere," said Dan Yost, executive vice president of product at Qwest. "With fast and easy access to the Internet in hundreds of cities nationwide, business customers can be more productive and responsive than ever and maximize any out-of-office time, whether commuting in for the day or traveling for the week."

Qwest Mobile Broadband customers can choose one of three plans based on their megabit (MB) upload and download needs: 500 MB per month, 600 MB per month, or the "Unlimited" plan. Monthly plan prices start at just $69.99 per month, plus $49.99 for the Qwest Mobile Broadband Card with a two-year commitment. Customers who purchase Qwest Mobile Broadband service in addition to Qwest High-Speed Internet Service are eligible to receive a $20 discount on Qwest Mobile Broadband plans. Qwest High-Speed Internet customers with a two- or three-year term commitment are also eligible for a $50 rebate on the Qwest Mobile Broadband Card.

Transmissions via Qwest Mobile Broadband are protected through a three-pronged security approach - using a mobile identification number, electronic serial number and code division multiple access (CDMA) technologies - to help protect against unauthorized users capturing and deciphering private messages and sensitive information.

Qwest Mobile Broadband service is provided over the Nationwide Sprint PCS Power VisionSM network. Interested customers can visit a Qwest retail store or call 1 800-244-1111 for more information.

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