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News Releases
Qwest Taps Psychologist to Bridge the Digital Divide

DENVER, Nov. 8, 2007 – As a public service through its Incredible Internet online safety education program, Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) has partnered with psychologist Linda Young, Ph.D., to help families understand how communications technology affects daily life and relationships. She joins Qwest’s growing team of online safety experts at

In addition to offering advice about online activities, Dr. Young is also a Seattle University staff psychologist with more than 15 years of counseling experience. In 2007, Qwest commissioned Dr. Young to write the guide “Understanding a Child’s Virtual World,” which is available at no charge at Qwest also sponsors her appearances at community events throughout the country to help parents and guardians better understand children’s use of communications technologies.
“The accelerating popularity of social networking sites has created an online environment for interaction among users that mirrors much of what happens in real life,” said Dr. Young. “Online culture is starting to reproduce exactly the same kinds of interactions that we’ve always seen in person.”
Qwest’s Online Safety Coalition—a group of leaders in law enforcement, education and government in Colorado, Minnesota and Washington—identified a need for more educational outreach, spurring the search for an expert advisor.
“In partnership with our Online Safety Coalition members, we’ve established a deeper understanding of how children and teens see technology differently than adults,” said Paula Kruger, executive vice president of mass markets for Qwest and leader of the Qwest online safety education program. “Dr. Young’s unique perspective helps Qwest and the coalitions bridge the digital fluency gap between children and parents to promote a safer online experience for broadband customers.”
The handbook developed by Young provides a professional perspective to help families stay safer. The guide is divided into the following five chapters:
How Technology is Changing Relationships 
Seven Reasons Good Kids Do Bad Things on the Internet 
Communicating With Teens in Ways That Change Behavior, Part One 
Communicating With Teens in Ways That Change Behavior, Part Two 
Always-On Technology: Do You Have Tethered Kids?  
Qwest has also produced three videos – each less than three minutes long – featuring Dr. Young and Qwest Online Safety Coalition members.
The videos correspond to three of the five guide chapters, including:
Seven Reasons Good Kids Do Bad Things on the Internet 
Communicating With Teens in Ways That Change Behavior 
Always-On Technology: Do You Have Tethered Kids?  
Since joining the Qwest program, Dr. Young has spoken with hundreds of parents and guardians at community events about how they can stay informed about online safety issues and trends in technology. She also provides parents and guardians with insight and advice on how they can open new and varied lines of communication with children.


About the Program 
Qwest and the Qwest Foundation are committed to helping families learn to protect their children from online threats. Since 2003, Qwest has partnered with NCMEC to raise families' awareness about online safety issues and to help combat online exploitation of youth proactively by encouraging increased parental and guardian understanding and education. Qwest currently is expanding its Online Safety Program nationally and throughout its Western 14-state region. For more information visit In addition, the Qwest Foundation sponsors NCMEC resource, a free, first-of-its-kind resource that gives families direct access to experts at NCMEC who can respond to their specific questions and concerns about online safety.

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