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News Releases
Qwest Seeks Customer Views on Updated Privacy Policy

DENVER, May 13, 2010 – Qwest Communications (NYSE: Q) is updating its privacy policy and asking for customer feedback before it becomes effective this summer.


Qwest’s privacy policy describes the type of information the company collects from its customers and how that information is used, shared, and protected.


Like other businesses, Qwest uses information about customers to provide and bill for services. It also reviews information about customers’ use of services to detect and solve any problems that may develop with service performance. The information also is used for network management and to plan for future development of products and services.


 “We think our customers deserve clear and accurate explanations concerning the information we have about them, how we use le to them,” said Andy Holleman, Qwest’s chief privacy officer. 


The updated privacy policy combines Qwest’s current Customer Privacy Policy and Online Privacy Policy. It is posted on Qwest’s website at in both English and Spanish for customers to review. The site also has videos that further explain the policy and a place for customers to provide feedback.


“While the prior policies remain accurate, we thought it made sense to put the information in one place and provide more detail about certain aspects of our privacy practices,” Holleman said.


The highlights of Qwest’s updated privacy policy are:

·        Qwest does not look into the content of its customers’ email, websites visited or other communications for marketing purposes.

·        Customers can elect to use certain products to protect their privacy, like Caller ID, and choose whether to make their contact information public, which allows it to be published in the white pages and other directories.

·        Information is only shared with law enforcement when authorized by law.


After reviewing customer feedback, Qwest expects the updated policy to be effective in August.