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News Releases
Qwest Ranks Number One in Customer Satisfaction Survey for Directory Assistance Service

DENVER, NOVEMBER 29, 2005 ? Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) today announced its number-one ranking in directory assistance services according to the Paisley National Directory Assistance Performance Index (SM), which measures database accuracy, customer call fulfillment and overall customer service of national directory assistance providers.

The Qwest directory assistance team ranked first overall among local and long-distance telecommunications carriers and ranked number one in ?Passed Calls,? which is the pinnacle measurement of directory assistance customer service since it accounts for how the call was handled from both operator service and database accuracy.

?The outstanding performance of the Qwest directory assistance team truly exemplifies our company-wide goal of exceeding customer expectations and satisfaction,? said Paula Kruger, executive vice president of mass markets. ?We pride ourselves on giving customers accurate information in a courteous and timely manner, and we are thrilled to be recognized as number one in the directory assistance service area.?

The Paisley Index is the premier customer satisfaction survey in the directory assistance industry and is similar to other industry-leading customer service recognition programs. Twice a year, The Paisley Index compares Qwest to other major directory-assistance providers including AT&T, BellSouth, MCI, Sprint, SBC and Verizon. Qwest has maintained its place as a top-performer in the Paisley Index for the past two years, and this is the second time Qwest has ranked number one in the past year.

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